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All New Artificial Intelligence Curriculum for Middle School

Teachers, are you searching for an all new artificial intelligence curriculum for middle school or high school grades? If yes, TechnoKids has just released TechnoBot AI. In this technology project students become artificial intelligence specialists. They invent AI prototypes using Scratch. The assignments are ideal for Grades 6-12 or ages 10-18.

TechnoBot AI is Artificial Intelligence Curriculum for Beginners

TechnoBot AI includes hands-on activities to introduce artificial intelligence. First, students complete a lesson about existing applications of AI in their daily lives, such as a robot vacuum or smart speaker. Next, they learn about the design thinking model and how the five steps can be used for creative problem solving. Afterwards, they apply this model to develop inventions that improve the lives of people.

By following detailed instructions, students build their prototypes in Scratch to demonstrate how the concept will work. Upon completion, they use either Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides to present one of their prototypes as an investment opportunity. This presentation provides an opportunity to reflect upon the limitations and possibilities of AI technologies.

What Does the TechnoBot AI Curriculum Unit Include?

TechnoBot AI has everything you need to teach kids about artificial intelligence. The TechnoBot AI curriculum resource includes:

  • teacher guide with detailed lessons plans
  • student workbook with 24 step-by-step assignments
  • 6 quizzes to assess knowledge of AI terms and Scratch coding blocks
  • 4 skill reviews to practice coding skills and consolidate learning
  • 6 extension activities to expand knowledge of AI and coding
  • example prototypes for demonstration
  • parent letter and certificate to celebrate student achievement
  • student reflections to analyze the practical applications of AI technologies
  • peer reviews for collaboration
  • AI prototype marking sheets to evaluate completed inventions


How Can I Implement TechnoBot AI into Curriculum?

TechnoBot AI is primarily a STEM project about artificial intelligence. You can teach TechnoBot AI as part of a computer science, coding, or robotics unit. Or integrate the activities into a science class about emerging and futuristic technologies. Either way, it is fun for kids to imagine the future!

You might be wondering how you can fit TechnoBot AI into your schedule. The TechnoBot AI technology project will take between 630-900 minutes of instruction to complete. In practical terms, if a class is 45 minutes you will need 17-20 classes. This means you will need to allocate about 8-10 weeks for the TechnoBot AI curriculum unit if your students attend class twice a week. However, if you don’t have that much time, there are suggestions in the teacher guide to eliminate assignments, yet still teach essential AI and coding concepts.

Specifically, Which AI Prototypes Do Students Invent?

TechnoBot AI, includes instructions to build three prototypes: a drone delivery system, robot pickup service, and self-driving tour. Your students can create all three inventions or just pick one or two. TechnoBot AI makes it easy to choose assignments that fit your schedule.

For each invention, students are first introduced to the technology. Next, they complete a planning sheet which applies the steps in design thinking to develop a solution to a problem. When students are ready, detailed instructions explain how to build a prototype in Scratch. At the end of a coding assignment, challenges encourage creativity. As well, optional reflection sheets include questions about the practical applications of the invention. In other words, you have all the lessons you need to teach artificial intelligence and coding to kids!

1. Drone Delivery System for Teachers

The Drone Delivery System automates a daily task for teachers. For example, the prototype might hand out art supplies, collect student work, or distribute student laptops. This task allows students to explore computer vision concepts such as object detection in a simple way.

artificial intelligence

2. Robot Pickup Service for Kids

The Robot Pickup Service allows kids to quickly get items from a smart locker. For instance, the prototype might provide lunches, books, school supplies, or gym equipment. A user must enter the correct PIN to open their locker. This task has students consider how AI can automate a smart locker system. As well, it is a meaningful way to introduce variables, random values, and conditional logic.

robot pickup service

3. Self-Driving Tour for Tourists and Business Owners

The Self-Driving Tour shuttles tourists to exhibits. A robot tour guide shares information about each exhibit. To make the invention truly authentic, object detection is applied so that the bus stops if a pedestrian or other object should appear in its path. This task provides a hands-on way to develop an understanding of autonomous vehicles, YOLO technology, and the importance of safety in AI designs.

self-driving tour

Explore STEM Careers with TechnoBot AI

Are you trying to decide if artificial intelligence is something you want to include in your curriculum? If you are undecided, consider the future. Many lucrative opportunities will be in the field of computer science. TechnoBot AI is a fun way to introduce STEM careers. Throughout the activities, students explore the duties of an AI specialist, design thinker, software engineer, and computer vision expert. This is a meaningful way to consider STEM jobs.

All New Artificial Intelligence Curriculum for Middle School

Give your students a head start in learning about AI and building programming skills, all in one project! A basic understanding of artificial intelligence will help young learners to become aware of its possibilities. As well, they will recognize the limitations of machine learning and deep learning: robots are not going to take over the world – they are just going to make it better. Empower students with essential technology knowledge and skills. Learn more about TechnoBot AI.

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