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5 Benefits for Teachers When Students Blog

Since blogging is done online, there are some unique benefits for teachers that are not produced by other traditional writing assignments.

Student blogs allow teachers to:

  1. Access student work anytime from anywhere. Since blogs are online, a teacher can access the content from virtually any computer device. This makes reviewing writing assignments convenient.
  2. Stop lugging paper from home to school! Student work is kept online. This makes it easy to log in from any computer with Internet access. Now it is simple to read and comment upon student work.
  3. Store a permanent record of suggestions and encouragement. Teachers invest time when reviewing student work to write helpful comments. When the document is in paper form, these words of encouragement can easily be discarded or lost. However, when the comments are digital they become a permanent record making it is easy for students to refer to them to recall an area for improvement or celebrate success.
blogging benefits
When students blog, teachers benefit!
  1. Become a mentor. Blogs allow teachers the opportunity to mentor students. By commenting on entries, the teacher can offer advice, encouragement, or pose questions or challenges that develop skills and foster self-awareness. Create an authentic learning experience
  2. Manage student portfolios. Posts are archived for future reference. This produces a digital collection that allows teachers to notice progress as they study the change in writing over time.

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