Integrate the Tomorrow Project into Curriculum

July 2018 Update: Please note that Intel’s Tomorrow Project is no longer available online.

The Tomorrow Project is an initiative by Intel, that encourages people to imagine the role of technology in the future and the effect it has on their lives, through a series of FREE online videos and short science fiction stories. (Note: Some stories may not be appropriate for your students. Read them first!) When I first heard about The Tomorrow Project I was so thrilled. I could immediately see the potential of this initiative. I want you to see it too! For this reason, I plan to write a series of articles about how The Tomorrow Project can be integrated into curriculum.

The Tomorrow Project
Integrate the FREE resources from The Tomorrow Project into curriculum.

You Can Fit the Tomorrow Project into Your Existing Schedule

I know you are busy, that there is too much content to teach, and computer lab time is limited. However, you CAN fit The Tomorrow Project into your schedule. It is important that your students become responsible digital citizens and one way to do that is to encourage them to imagine the possibilities of the future. Besides, digital citizenship is a NETS requirement so you likely have to address it anyway within your curriculum. Why not make it fun and relevant?

There are times throughout the school year, where you could include an activity designed around The Tomorrow Project, such as a group discussion, written reflection, debate, creative writing assignment, or report. For example:

  • Schedule a Few Classes Between Units: Often when you finish one unit, you need a bit of time before you start the next one. Instead of just giving students “free time”, schedule activities related to The Tomorrow Project.
  • Before School Breaks: You likely do not want to introduce a new project right before the beginning of Winter or Spring break. If you have a few classes before the holidays have your students either watch a video or read a short story from The Tomorrow Project. Afterwards, design an assignment that encourages critical thinking about emerging technologies and the future.
  • Incorporate The Tomorrow Project into Existing Assignments: As the computer teacher you are interested in developing technology skills in your students and incorporating the use of technology into curriculum. The Tomorrow Project can be used as a tool that sparks the imagination to achieve these goals.

Activities that Integrate The Tomorrow Project

This doesn’t have to be EXTRA work! The good news is that The Tomorrow Project can integrate into the activities you already have planned. Consider the videos and short stories the “spark” or “springboard” to an existing unit. There are so many fun activities your students can complete that target language arts, science, mathematics, visual arts, drama, and technology learning objectives. For example:

  • draft a letter to potential investors to fund the development of an emerging technology
  • produce a commercial advertising a futuristic gadget based on emerging technology
  • develop a web page explaining the benefits of an emerging technology
  • produce a brochure that describes a vacation that might take place in the future
  • present facts about an emerging technology in a multimedia slide show
  • design a model of a futuristic home, vehicle, or gadget
  • conduct a survey about peoples’ attitude towards an emerging technology
  • create a comparison table that lists the advantages and disadvantages to an emerging technology
  • write a paragraph in a spy novel that describes a character using a gadget based on emerging technology
  • illustrate a futuristic device based on emerging technology and explain how it works
  • draw a comic book page that includes the use of a device based on emerging technology
  • create an instructional manual for a futuristic device
  • conduct a mock interview with an inventor of an amazing new technology
  • debate the advantages and disadvantages of an emerging technology with a focus on the potential applications, privacy concerns, security issues, cost, and hazards
  • write a chat session between friends in the future planning a celebration that incorporates emerging technology
  • generate a logbook that charts a day in the life of a person in the future, include a description of the technology that is part of each event

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