Webopedia a Helpful Resource for Educators

For educators looking to teach students about technology and software, Webopedia is a helpful resource. 

Webopedia is an online technology and computer science dictionary. The website’s library of resources covers technology definitions, educational guides, and software reviews. It is accessible to everyone – regardless of technical background. 

Educators can use the online resource to find study guides for students, resources about computer education, and dedicated dictionaries for niche topics such as cybersecurity, computer architecture, net fundamentals, and more.  

3 Most Popular Educational Guides

Educators teaching grades K-12 can start their Webopedia research by checking out three of the most popular educational guides below in order to help prepare students (and themselves) for the digital world. All three of these pages would be a helpful addition to any curriculum. 

  1. SEO Dictionary: 85 Search Engine Optimization Phrases Defined 

From keyword analysis to backlinks and Google algorithm updates, this SEO glossary lists Webopedia’s many SEO-related terms and definitions in one convenient place. Simply click any link in the descriptions to view Webopedia’s full, in-depth definition or related article.

  1. Cloud Dictionary: 50 Cloud Computing Terms to Know 

Webopedia’s Cloud Computing dictionary will help you understand the new language that has surfaced around the topic of cloud computing. Each cloud computing-related phrase listed in the article offers a short introduction to the topic. Simply click “Learn More” to read the full Webopedia definition.

  1. Types of Servers 

Different servers do different jobs, from serving email and video to protecting internal networks and hosting websites. This article is a great introduction to servers for any student or teacher wanting to learn more. Learn about the many types of servers used today!

Webopedia has thousands of definitions— all one needs to do is search! For students with an advanced interest in technology, teachers can offer guides concerning Computer Science Jobs and a list of IT certifications. The possibilities on Webopedia are endless!

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If you are a middle school or high school teacher you might be interested in TechnoSpecialist. In this technology project, students become IT specialist. They create an information package to help customers understand the parts of the computer.

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