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Print from your iPad Easily

Many schools are beginning to integrate the use of iPads into the classroom. With the purchase of new technology there are often many hidden costs you did not anticipate. For example, the purchase of a new printer.

Do you need to have an air enabled printer to print from you iPad?

The short answer is Maybe.

Fingerprint allows you to easily print from the iPad to your local printer. Fingerprint and iPad
Fingerprint allows you to easily print from the iPad to your local printer.

If you have a printer that is a few years old and works great you may not want to purchase a newer model. The great news is you may not have to!

Fingerprint is software from Collobos that automatically discovers all printers connected to your Mac or PC and makes them available to your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

How does it work? Fingerprint is a mobile print server. To start, you need to install the free download onto your computer. After installation, FingerPrint runs as a background service, allowing you to easily print from your mobile device (Please note: your computer has to be turned on to print).

Before you spend money on a new printer…try this software first!

Fingerprint is not compatible with all printers and may not work on all networks. If you have a printer in your classroom try installing the software on the attached desktop computer. If it works, your mobile device will immediately detect the printer allowing you and your students to easily print documents, photos, and more! If it doesn’t work…then uninstall the software.

The free version prints a fingerprint watermark on the paper. However, once you decide that you like the software, you can purchase a copy – it is very affordable!

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