Decipher Clues to Catch the Crook

TechnoKids has released TechnoClue for Office 2013, Office 2010 and Office 2007 users. In this project, students track down the clues to crack the case. They become police detectives in TechnoVille. To start, students take a quiz to discover if they have the qualities to become a Super Sleuth.

NOTE: This project has been a favorite for many years. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. To find other TechnoKids Microsoft Office lesson plans view the Project Matrix or visit the TechnoKids website.

What rank of police detective are your students?

  • Super Sleuth
  • Detective
  • Rookie

Next, students put their sleuthing skills to the test when they narrow down the list of suspects in a Microsoft Access database to solve the Mystery of the Stolen Door Knobs, Case of the Power Prankster, and Mystery of the Mischief Maker. Afterwards, they transform a photo into a composite drawing using Paint and then enter the information about the suspect into a database.

To prepare for the next case, students learn how to use Windows Search to find files. These skills are then applied to reveal the identity of the Keyboard Crook in the Mystery of the Missing Keys. An Investigation folder is provided with the TechnoClue technology project. It contains the files needed to solve the case. Students must decipher the meaning of hidden clues. They watch a video captured from a security camera, study a photograph taken by a witness, and view evidence found at the scene of the crime. Can they solve the case?

Upon the arrest, students broadcast a news story to report the capture to the citizens of TechnoVille using Microsoft PowerPoint. They follow step by step instructions to insert text, clip art, and pictures to create informative slides. To add interest animations and transitions are applied to draw the attention of viewers. Provided with TechnoClue are a checklist and marking sheet to assess and evaluate the news story.

News Story: The Keyboard Crook is Caught!

This technology project is best-suited for Grades 5-7 elementary students. The mystery lesson plans are a great way to introduce databases to students in an enjoyable way. In addition, the activities promote deductive reasoning.

Customers may recognize the TechnoClue title. Over a decade ago, TechnoKids Inc. had a TechnoClue project for Office 97 and Office 2000 users. It was retired many years ago when the creation of the Office 2007 product line began. However, despite all the time that had passed, customers continued to request the project. It was one of their favorites to teach database skills. TechnoKids was pleased to create a new set of activities that both old and new customers will enjoy.

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