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New Scratch Coding Lessons with TechnoArcade

Great news! TechnoKids has a new programming project, TechnoArcade for kids. In it, students become game developers. They use Scratch coding lessons to create fun, one-of-a-kind activities.

Instantly hook beginners on the joys of coding using the activities in TechnoArcade. Detailed assignments explain how to build the games Jumble Tumble, Let’s Jam, Mystery Island, and Lost Treasure. Generally, the lesson plans are for students in Grades 4-8.

Without a doubt, TechnoArcade has everything you need! The technology project includes 18 assignments, 6 quizzes, and 4 skill reviews. Plus, there are example files, marking tools, Scratch flashcards, and more!

Undeniably, Scratch coding lessons teach computer science concepts. However, there are additional benefits. Not only will the activities develop computational thinking and problem-solving but they also improve communication and digital citizenship skills. This is because Scratch has an online community that encourages collaboration.

Scratch Coding Lessons

You might be wondering, “What is Scratch?”

To clarify, Scratch is a free coding platform for kids. It uses blocks that snap together to form scripts. These scripts become a set of instructions telling characters how to move, look, and sound. Consequently, this makes it possible to create animations, stories, games, artwork, and much more!

So that you can introduce coding to your students in a fun and easy way, TechnoKids has lessons specifically for beginners. These include TechnoArcade and TechnoCode. With these technology projects you can get started today teaching computer science to kids.

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Teach Scratch Coding Lessons with TechnoArcade

Design Arcade Games with TechnoArcade

Now, let’s take a closer look at the games your students will make. TechnoArcade has step-by-step assignments. They explain how to develop Jumble Tumble, Let’s Jam, Mystery Island, and Lost Treasure using Scratch.


The first game in TechnoArcade your students can make is Jumble Tumble. In this game, the player presses the spacebar to control when characters move. This creates a silly scene that is fun to watch. The focus is on learning how to build simple scripts. Students discover the function of Motion blocks to create interesting action sequences. There is lots of opportunity for free exploration. This means, that even your students’ first creations are all funny and unique. No two are alike!

Scratch Coding Lessons
Dash and crash sprites to create a silly scene.


The second game in TechnoArcade is Let’s Jam. In this game, the keyboard transforms into a musical instrument. By pressing keys, the player controls what band members do on the stage. Drums, guitar, and saxophone are just a few of the ways to compose music. This coding activity immediately, turns your students into musicians!


scratch coding lessons
Transform the keyboard into a musical instrument.


The third game in TechnoArcade is Mystery Island. In this game, players click creatures to discover their secrets. The focus of this programming task is on changing the appearance of sprites. Students learn how to set poses, backdrops, size, and effects. Plus, they practice looping unique sequences. This is an excellent opportunity to pair creativity with coding.

scratch coding lessons
Explore an imaginary land.


The fourth game in TechnoArcade is Lost Treasure. In this game, the player collects items to earn points. Their first task is to plan the game using an organizer. Next, they apply their coding skills to have a sprite pick up a treasure and carry it to an object. Finally, they build a score keeping feature. It is important to note that this game is an advanced activity. The program combines conditionals, operators, and variables. However, the instructions are simple to follow. This makes it easy for beginners to understand how to build the game.

Treasure Hunt
Can you find the treasure?

Digital Student Workbook and Teacher Guide

To be sure, TechnoArcade simplifies teaching. When you order, you will receive a teacher guide and student workbook. Plus, you get helpful resources. These include assessment tools, example files, parent letter, and more.

  • The teacher guide is divided into six sessions. Each session includes detailed instructions. As well, there are tips for introducing the activities. These include demonstration ideas, coding block summaries and script explanations.
  • The student workbook has a collection of assignment. They are written specifically for children. Check out an excerpt from the student workbook. It contains step-by-step, illustrated instructions. You will notice the worksheets including coding tricks to help with trouble shooting and inspire creativity.
  • The resources support instruction. You can use the example files for demonstration purposes. Additionally, the assessment tools are customizable. This makes it easy to assign quizzes, review concepts, and grade final projects.
scratch coding lessons

Scratch coding lessons with TechnoArcade make learning programming skills fun, motivating, and exciting for students and teachers. Check it out today!

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