TechnoKids Curriculum Approved in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has approved the use of TechnoKids computer curriculum in government schools. For many years TechnoKids curriculum has been used in private schools throughout the country. Government approval of TechnoKids unique instructional materials, allows thousands more students to learn valuable information technology skills needed to compete in the international community.

Starting in the new year, TechnoKids curriculum will be used in KG, primary, intermediate and secondary government schools. TechonoKids Saudi Arabia CEO Faten Salah states, “In January 2005, at the beginning of the second semester, more than 20 schools will start using TechnoKids curriculum. The staff at the schools are pleased to be using our materials because they believe the wide range of projects are fun for students and offer meaningful learning opportunities”. Mrs. Faten expects another 20 schools to participate next year. She states, that it was both the unique project-based learning style used in TechnoKids curriculum and the success TechnoKids Saudi Arabia had achieved in the private schools that impressed the Ministry of Education.

In addition to computer curriculum, TechnoKids Saudi Arabia also provides a full technology plan for schools, including a computer lab, lab supplies and maintenance, and a school website. To find out more about TechnoKids Saudi Arabia, contact Faten Salah at

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