TechnoKids in Tokyo are Gaining IT and English Skills

Japanese school children are learning two valuable skills at the same time: computer literacy as well as English language fluency. And in addition, they are also having lots of fun!

Shelley Bearse is the Japanese associate for TechnoKids Inc. She teaches students information technology (IT) skills using TechnoKids integrated curriculum projects. Class instruction is carried out in English, with some Japanese translation as needed. The final student computer projects are also completed in English, creating a complete language immersion experience.

“The kids, whether native Japanese or native English speakers, all agree on one term – cool!” Shelley states. “Parents are amazed that their five year old is learning PowerPoint, a presentation tool, and are convincing the children to show them how.” In fact, Shelley finds that she is receiving enquiries, both private and corporate, from adults who are asking, “If you can teach kids, can you teach me?”

If you would like to read more about Shelley’s success with integrating IT and English language skills, view the International Business article published in Hiragana Times.

You can also visit the TechnoKids Japan site at to find out about the many classes and courses offered for both children and adults.

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