TechnoKids Releases TechnoFit

Living a healthy lifestyle is important. TechnoKids has just released the TechnoFit project to help students learn about the benefits of nutrition and exercise. The goal is to get students to eat right and be fit, to live well!

NOTE: This project has been a favorite for many years. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. To find other TechnoKids projects for primary students view the Project Matrix or visit the TechnoKids website.

This project focuses upon teaching students about the importance of healthy eating and fitness. To demonstrate their learning, students use the program Microsoft Publisher to create a series of publications. In each one, a strong focus is placed upon creating designs that are eye-catching and informative.

The fun begins when students become members of the TechnoFit Club. As members, they take the “Be Fit Challenge”. This challenge dares participants to eat right, be fit, and live well! To prepare for the task, students learn about healthy eating and exercise by watching information videos. Afterwards they design a food guide and fitness poster.

Once familiar with the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the class begins preparations for the “Be Fit Challenge Event”. This fun event is a celebration that includes fitness activities and great tasting food. To plan for the event, students design a menu and send invitations. Certificates are then created for each participant of the Be Fit Challenge to recognize their efforts to be healthy.

TechnoFit is recommended for students in grades 1-2.

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