The Transition to Office 2007 is Made Easier with TechnoKids Computer Curriculum

TechnoKids Inc. has more than forty technology projects for Office 2007. TechnoKids began creating a product line for Office 2007 in anticipation that teachers would need updated instructional materials. The materials make using the new software easy because each technology project includes a teacher guide, workbook, and resource files.

TechnoKids customers appreciate the creation of the new instructional materials. Ryan Bibby, a Grade 8 teacher, from John Knox Christian School in Oakville, Ontario, states, “We have been using the TechnoKids product for years. When our school updated the computers to Office 2007 this year, the IT committee purchased an updated set of curriculum for teachers. Having the new materials made the transition to Office 2007 easier.”

UPDATE 3/14/2018: TechnoKids continues to develop technology projects for the latest version of Microsoft Office. To find a TechnoKids project right for your students view the Project Matrix or visit the TechnoKids website.

The curriculum development team at TechnoKids Inc. is pleased that teachers are finding the new Office 2007 technology projects easy to use. Hella Comat, a teacher for thirty years, joined the team to assist with the update to the instructional materials. She commented on the release of the Office 2007 projects, “When the curriculum team began to update the TechnoKids projects, we all realized the importance of having activities that taught students how to use the new features in Office 2007. For this reason, not only did we update the instructions and create new templates, we also added activities that included many of the fun new program options.” The curriculum development team, not only revised the activities but they also developed additional resource materials. Customer feedback demonstrated a need for assessment tools. The technology projects include more review questions, skill reviews, self-assessment tools, and marking sheets. Hella believes that teachers are going to appreciate the improvements.

To learn more about the TechnoKids Office 2007 product line refer to the project matrix.

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