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You asked. We listened!

Teachers have been asking for a technology project that uses EVERY Microsoft Office application. It was a challenge…but we did it! You are going to love TechnoWonderland. It is perfect for middle school or high school students. If you teach Grades 7-10 this project is for YOU.

UPDATE: 08/22/2022TechnoWonderland is a popular project. TechnoKids has updated TechnoWonderland for the LATEST version of Microsoft Office.

In TechnoWonderland, students become marketing executives for an amusement park. They use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Access and the Internet to create publications, design promotions, and analyze, graph, and calculate data. In just one technology project, your students will learn a range of technology skills including word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, Internet, desktop publishing, presentation, and database skills.

Pick and Choose the Activities you Want to Teach

TechnoWonderland was designed by its creators at TechnoKids Inc. to fit into a wide range of teaching and timetable situations:

Computer Class: If your students come to class one a week, you can teach TechnoWonderland throughout the school year and feel confident that you are targeting every technology skill. In addition to the assignments, the review questions, skill reviews, and extension activities are a great way to challenge your students and enhance their skillset.

Computer Rotation: You may not have a regularly scheduled computer class. Instead, your students may rotate to computers for a block of time. TechnoWonderland is perfect for teaching a wide-range of technology skills in a condensed amount of time.

Computer Semester Project: If you are teaching in a high school your students may come to computer class for a semester. TechnoWonderland can be used to introduce computer skills or as a final culminating project that reviews and consolidates learning.

What Activities are in TechnoWonderland?

  • Format pictures and text to create a poster using Microsoft Word that promotes the amusement park
  • Design an attraction sign using Microsoft Word that lists ride instructions
  • Combine clip art, text boxes, and shapes to layout an amusement park map using Microsoft Word
  • Apply Internet search strategies to find interesting animal facts using Internet Explorer
  • Produce an animal exhibit placard using Microsoft Word
  • Create signs to direct visitors to animal exhibits using Microsoft Word
  • Entice visitors to view an exhibit using SmartArt Graphics in Microsoft Word
  • Organize, graph, and analyze survey data in Microsoft Excel to select a new attraction
  • Prepare a report in Microsoft Word that summarizes survey results from Microsoft Excel
  • Analyze visitor traffic in Microsoft Excel to make recommendations to improve the park
  • Calculate monthly food vendor earnings using Microsoft Excel
  • Design an electronic billboard that promotes a ride using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Promote a food deal using animated slides in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint photo album of new attractions
  • Invite season ticket holders to an exclusive event using Microsoft Publisher
  • Make a voucher to use at a park vendor using Microsoft Publisher
  • Mark an exclusive event on a Microsoft Publisher calendar
  • Improve customer satisfaction by examining records in a Microsoft Access database
  • Add a record to a Microsoft Access database to organize data for a new attraction
  • Generate a query to filter rides that have a height restriction and produce a report based on the results.

TechnoWonderland is available for Microsoft Office.

To order TechnoWonderland, visit the TechnoKids online store.

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