New Content-Aware Feature in Photoshop CC

Straighten a picture in Photoshop using the new Content-Aware feature. You may have a crooked photo that would look better if it was straighter. First, crop using the Straighten option. This option allows you to set the horizon line and then apply a Content-Aware feature to edit the picture. Here’s how in 10 quick and easy steps:

  1. Open Photoshop CC.
  2. Open a photo of your choice that is crooked.
  3. Click the Crop Tool. From the Options bar select Straighten.
  4. Draw a line to represent the horizon.
photoshop crop
  1. The image is straightened and cropped. Notice the areas where you lose a lot of your picture.
  1. Click Content-Aware from the Options bar. The area to be cropped is adjusted.
content aware
  1. Drag the selection handles to include or exlude any area of the photo.
  2. Click Commit to complete the operation.
photoshop lessons for beginners
  1. Save the picture.
  2. Close Photoshop.

This is an optional extension activity in the newly revised TechnoPhotoshop project. Read all about Photoshop lessons for beginners here!

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