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Web Based Coding is Easy with the TechnoHTML Update

Many teachers need web based coding options. This year, teaching and learning is happening in diverse settings using many types of devices. This has made it a challenge to standardize instruction. The solution to any coding, computer science, or web design unit is to use a free web-based coding app or service.

TechnoHTML Update

Recently TechnoKids edited the Chromebook version of TechnoHTML. In this project, students learn how to build a web page and format the appearance using HTML and CSS. Step-by-step instructions explain how to insert text, images, and hyperlinks.

In the past, TechnoKids provided instructions for using a specific Chromebook HTML text editor (Editey). However, with many schools choosing various web-based coding options, we have opted to provide the HTML and CSS instructions only. The assignments have been updated to reflect this change.

Existing TechnoKids customers can download the latest PDF version of TechnoHTML project from TechnoHub. Please note, the Windows Notepad version of TechnoHTML was not edited and remains the same.

Web Based Coding Suggestions

Teachers need choice! To help select an HTML text editor for web-based coding TechnoKids has created how-to articles and videos:

  • Caret Chrome AppCaret is a free Chrome app. It can be used to write and edit HTML code. The file can be stored in Google Drive. One shortcoming is Caret does not have a built-in preview pane. Instead to see the web page, students must open it in a web browser tab. Read about Caret or watch the how-to video.
  • Editey Chrome App: Another Chrome app that is ideal for Chromebook users is Editey. It allows students to write, edit, and preview HTML code. It works with Google Drive to open and save the file. Editey offers a 30 free trial, but afterwards there is a user-fee.
  • Web Host Service: An alternative is to use a web hosting service such as Free Web Hosting Area. This option has students code a web page in the web browser. The file can easily be previewed. It is important to note that the service does have ads. Read about using a web host or watch the how-to video
  • Trinket.ioTrinket is a web-based service. Students can build, preview, and publish their web page directly in the Chrome web browser. At this time of this writing, making an HTML5 trinket was free. Read the step-by-step instructions.

DISCOUNT CODE AND TRINKET: TechnoKids customers receive a discount with Trinket.io. Contact us at information@technokids.com to get your promotional code to unlock additional features.

Comparison Table of Web Based Coding Options

Web Page
Color Code TagsAdd End TagSite URL
Caretfreeopen file in browseryesyesno
Editeyfree trial/user feepreview paneyesyesno
Web Host Servicefree (ads)open linknonoyes
Trinket.iofreepreview paneyesyesyes
Select a web based coding app or service that is right for you.

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