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How to Import a Sound into Scratch

To personalize a game or story, you can import a sound into Scratch. It is true that Scratch, has more than 350 sounds. That is a lot of effects and music from which to pick! However, your students may want to produce a unique game by downloading sounds from an external source. This allows them to add zaps, beeps, and crashes to make their game one-of-a-kind.

Why Are Sound Effects Important in a Game?

Sound is important. It can be used to:

  • set the mood
  • make an action come alive
  • evoke an emotion
  • create tension
  • deliver information
  • celebrate a happy event
  • emphasize a disappointing event
  • create a fun experience

Free Sound Effects for Game Developers

There are many free sound libraries that have high-quality sounds which are ideal for animated stories. However, your students might want an effect that is targeted towards game development. These are three of our favorites!

Cite the Source of the Free Sound Effects

Before your students start downloading sound files, have a discussion about copyright. Since the sound libraries are free they can be used in a game. However, it is best to reference the source. In Scratch this can be done in the Notes pane of the Scratch project. In another application, this can be added using a comment.

How to Import a Sound into Scratch

  1. In your Scratch game, select a sprite.
  2. Click the Sounds tab.
sound tab
  1. Hover over the Choose a Sound tool. Do not click it!
  2. Select Upload Sound.
upload sound
  1. Go to the place where you saved the sound clip. Select it. Click Open.
  2. Apply your skills to add the sound effect. Click the Code tab.
code tab
  1. Add the play sound _ until done coding block to the script. Select the sound clip.
play sound until done
  1. Test the scene.
green flag

Sound Effects in TechnoKids Coding Projects

Ignite student interest with fun programming projects that meet computer science standards. Beginner coders build skills as they become game developers.

scratch coding lessons

In TechnoArcade, students use Scratch coding blocks to develop a series of Arcade games. They control game play with sequences, events, loops, and conditionals. When completed, they organize the projects into a studio, which is shared with peers.

programming project

In TechnoRace, students design a unique imaginary world. They create a rescue mission in which players race against time and obstacles to collect points and reach a goal. Loops, conditionals, variables, and operators combine to create challenging game play.

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