Middle school activities to raise environmental awareness. Students pick an issue to research, then use Publisher to create a series of documents to inform others: a postcard, poster, and pamphlet to explain harmful effects and proposed solutions.

12 Tips for Internet Research

Internet research is a key component to many technology-based projects. Without facts, students cannot create quality reports, travel advertisements, or presentations. However, Internet research that is not well-managed wastes instructional time. When this happens, teachers risk running out of classes to complete the task or having students lose interest because the project has dragged on […]

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Frozen Computers Foil Internet Research

For those teachers who have had the experience of teaching in a computer lab when a technical issue derails a well-planned lesson, I know you will sympathize with my plight. Today was the first class for TechnoEnvironment. I was prepared to teach this lesson. Previous article about TechnoEnvironment Planning is the Secret to Success? My

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Planning to Teach an Environmental Technology Project

Over the next few months, I am going to be teaching TechnoEnvironment as a guest instructor to a group of Grade 8 students at a local private faith-based school. TechnoEnvironment is a new TechnoKids technology project that focuses on environmental stewardship. After each class, I will take a moment to reflect on the experience. I

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Raise Environmental Awareness

Are you teaching an environmental unit or do you just want to celebrate Earth Day? TechnoEnvironment has lesson plans for you! In this technology project, students create publications using Microsoft Publisher to raise environmental awareness. There are many fun environmental lessons in TechnoEnvironment. Students can create a postcard, poster, or pamphlet. There are also extension

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