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What Is the Secret to a Successful BYOD Program?


Nothing is worse than launching a BYOD initiative that fails. Don’t let that happen to you! Take the time and do things right. To have a successful BYOD program you should:

byod and schools
Tips for successfully implementing BYOD.
  • Establish a reliable infrastructure.
  • Develop a policy that outlines accepted devices, restricted devices, authorized use, infractions, consequences, and responsibilities of stakeholders.
  • Form a lending library to ensure an equitable learning environment.
  • Supply adequate storage facilities.
  • Provide charging stations.
  • Select a learning management system.
  • Incorporate the use of devices and web apps in staff meetings.
  • Offer professional development.
  • Have students and parents read policy and sign an agreement form.
  • Launch a pilot program. Make participation voluntary.
  • Post instructions for connecting devices to the network.
  • Post signs around the school to illustrate if the area is approved for device usage.
  • Initiate a digital citizenship awareness campaign.
  • Display classroom rules for using devices.
  • Use web apps to create consistency.
  • Use the devices regularly during instruction.
  • Review BYOD continuously and make modifications to the initiative.
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