items every school website should include

10 Items Every School Website Should Include

A school website is an ideal tool to communicate with the community. It engages viewers and promotes a strong and readily accessible home/school connection. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, and prospective families use this resource to find and share information. Check this list of ten important items every school website should have in order to enhance communication.

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  • Design – The website should have an appealing, welcoming layout that is easy to read and navigate. Create an impression of excellence that exemplifies the school culture.
  • Up to Date – Ensure that the site is current and revised regularly. Frequent changes encourage parents and students to check in frequently to view photos and/or videos.
  • Contact Information – Be sure to list the school postal address, phone, and an email contact. The address and phone number should be in the header, and definitely in the footer – a conventional location for contact information in websites.
  • Staff Directory – Include a current staff list with email contacts to promote communication between teachers, parents, and students.
  • Calendar – Upcoming key dates, school wide special events, and sports schedules are essential.
  • Class Pages – Teachers or subject areas can list assignments, homework, project requirements and due dates. Student work should be regularly showcased to build self-esteem and foster a culture of excellence.
  • Documents – Permission slips, student handbooks, lunch order forms, policy documents such as behavior or internet acceptable use policies in pdf format save time and resources instead of printing and sending them home with students.
  • E-newsletter – Have a list of any current and archived newsletters from parent/teacher organizations, class blogs, or teacher news.
  • Education Philosophy – A short statement of school values helps new families to understand the mission of the school. Curriculum information and extra-curricular activities, a list of courses, school awards, achievements, or grants also help viewers learn about the school.
  • Interaction Opportunities – Integrate with links to other school social media sites, blogs, or discussion forums to provide additional ways to communicate.
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