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New Innovative Artificial Intelligence Lessons for Kids

As teachers, we have the incredible opportunity to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in our students. Entrepreneurs are gaining more respect than ever. While traditional careers are great, encouraging our students to follow their passion for innovation can lead to unique and valued paths. Let’s ignite entrepreneurship together and create a bright future for our students with artificial intelligence lessons.

TechnoBot AI by TechnoKids  

TechnoKids’ new TechnoBot AI curriculum promotes entrepreneurship skills in middle and high school students. The artificial intelligence lessons for kids empower them to create innovative prototypes and solve real-world problems using AI knowledge.

Step-By-Step Scratch Lesson Plans

Did you know that Scratch block-based visual programming is the ideal tool to teach coding? It’s perfect for beginners. By September 2022, 95 million users had already taken their very first step into the amazing world of coding by using Scratch coding classes for kids! TechnoBot AI integrates coding with STEM curriculum and real-world AI issues.

Here’s a brief tour of the TechnoBot AI project for middle school students.

Session 1 Discover Artificial Intelligence Lessons

To begin, students explore all the cool AI-powered tech advancements and how they are changing the world – voice assistants, smart home devices, and navigation systems. Starting with Scratch, they use the coding blocks to create animations. Then they move to more complex models on their journey into the world of AI.

Session 2 Flying Machines at Work

Students create their first AI-powered drone system prototype to solve a school problem. Using Scratch, they program a sprite-drone to collect items and return to its starting point. The students improve teachers’ lives using artificial intelligence lessons by finding ways to enhance the system for different locations and object movements.

design a drone delivery system

Session 3 Robot Pickup Service

For their next challenge, students become computer vision specialists. They design a self-driving tour that must meet both business owners’ and tourists’ needs. Using Scratch, they create a program to guide an autonomous vehicle to different exhibits at a zoo, theme park, or city center. A robot shares interesting facts at each stop.

Session 5 Obstacle Detection

Students improve tour safety by programming the autonomous vehicle to avoid obstacles. Then they invite their peers to take the robot guided tour and offer comments. TechnoBot AI artificial intelligence lessons for middle school offer authentic, meaningful challenges to prepare students for the future.

Session 6 Investment Opportunity

In the final session, students get to unleash their inner entrepreneurs and think like savvy businessmen. It’s a Shark Tank-style activity right in the classroom. They have the exciting task of pitching their prototype idea and seeking investment in return. With an engaging visual presentation and live demonstrations of their Scratch designs, they can win their dream deal!

TechnoBot AI Artificial Intelligence Lessons

Learn more about what the TechnoBot AI curriculum unit includes here.

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TechnoKids’ TechnoBot AI artificial intelligence lessons for Grades 6-9 are educational tools that take learning to a whole new level. They offer an ideal artificial intelligence program for students especially created for middle school grades, making learning super exciting and engaging! With TechnoBot AI, students experience an amazing and immersive education experience.

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