The Tomorrow Project and Video Conversations about the Future

July 2018 Update: Please note that Intel’s Tomorrow Project is no longer available online.

Students today are surrounded by multimedia. It makes sense to use modern technology at school to make learning relevant. The Tomorrow Project offers teachers FREE resources that will connect with students in a meaningful way. The Tomorrow Project is an initiative from Intel that encourages people to imagine the future and the implications the role technology will play in our daily lives and the planet. Part of the project includes a collection of videos that will inspire your students to think critically about emerging and futuristic technology.

Inspire your students to envision the future using videos from The Tomorrow Project

Take Only a Few Minutes to Imagine the Future

There are a range of videos only a few minutes long.
In this short time period your students will be challenged to imagine tomorrow, learn about the possibilities presented by emerging technology, and consider their role in the future. For example, your students can watch celebrities discussing their passion for technology, scientists explaining the latest discovery, or a model of technology as it works now or how it may function in the future.

I know that in many schools students cannot watch videos that are on the Internet as often filters prevent online viewing or the connection is too slow for multiple users. Great news! This problem is solved with The Tomorrow Project. Students can watch the videos on the Connected Social Media website. However, if online viewing is prohibited teachers can download the videos and save them in a shared location where students have access.

Benefits to Watching The Tomorrow Project Videos

There are several benefits to viewing The Tomorrow Project videos:

  • resources are FREE
  • media is relevant to students
  • provides access to current science facts that are unfamiliar to many people
  • able to control the playback of a video which is helpful for discussion purposes
  • reading ability is not an obstacle to understanding the concepts
  • latest technology is explained simply without confusing jargon
  • video provides illustrations that make complex ideas easy to visualize

Watch Conversations about the Future

Brian David Johnson, a futurist with Intel, chats with artists, scientists, and researchers about their visions for technology in the future. The underlying message in these conversations is that the future can be shaped by people. These videos will invite your students to become active participants in designing the technology of tomorrow and will encourage them to imagine how technology can improve lives. Use the videos to provide background information about emerging technologies, stimulate discussion, and inspire assignment ideas.

Like the videos? Intel has a YouTube Channel that allows you to learn about robotic fish, virtual reality and clothing design, personalized medicine, and more!

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