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July 2018 Update: Please note that Intel’s Tomorrow Project is no longer available online.

Are you looking for an interesting way to inspire your students to reflect on the importance of technology in their lives? Do you want your students to consider the implications of emerging technologies or dream about a new invention? Do you have to teach the role of digital citizenship and the ethical use of technologies? If you answered, “Yes”, then The Tomorrow Project is for you!

tomorrow project anthology

What is the Tomorrow Project?

The Tomorrow Project is an initiative by Intel, that encourages people to imagine the role of technology in the future and the effect it has on their lives. Through a series of FREE online videos and short science fiction stories, Intel provides tools that classroom teachers can use with their students to explore the real world implications and future uses of technology. The goal of The Tomorrow Project is to encourage people to use their imagination to consider and create ways to solve problems and improve the quality of their lives.

The Tomorrow Project and your Students

The Tomorrow Project is perfect for teachers of middle and senior grades. Many computer teachers struggle to make the topic of emerging technologies relevant to students. In addition, it can be a challenge to devise activities related to responsible digital citizenship and the role of technology that are engaging to teenagers. However, The Tomorrow Project is something that will spark student interest. You can use the content on the Tomorrow Project website to jump start a discussion, inspire a creative writing topic, or generate an idea for a video production project.

The Tomorrow Project website has everything you need to get started:

  • Tomorrow Project Video that explains the purpose of the initiative
  • Celebrities such as discussing technology and the future
  • Scientists explaining emerging technologies
  • Science fiction short stories that explore future uses of technology in a way that readers can understand (Note: Some stories may not be appropriate for your students. Read them first!)

Benefits to Students

With such a busy schedule and so much to teach, why should you take class time to introduce students to The Tomorrow Project? The Tomorrow Project offers many benefits to your students:

  • develops a deeper understanding of emerging technologies
  • fosters the exploration of opportunities offered by emerging technologies
  • promotes an examination of the hazards associated with emerging technologies
  • encourages students to become active participants in their future
  • develops critical and divergent thinking skills
  • empowers students to believe their ideas can make a positive difference
  • actively engages students to explore the possibility of new inventions and innovative ideas
  • motivates students to discuss their vision of the future
  • enriches curriculum with a variety of resources
  • eliminates fear of emerging technologies

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