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5 More Reasons to Use Google Forms with Students

Google Forms is a web-based app to create forms. It is ideal for teachers and students. With Google Forms it is easy to conduct polls, administer surveys, assess using a quiz, and register event attendees. In the previous post, several reasons to use Google Forms were listed. If you still are not convinced the Google Forms app is an excellent option in comparison to other web based survey apps, here are EVEN MORE reasons you should use Google Forms:

1. Automatic Creation of Summary of Responses Report

The Summary of Responses is a report that displays answers for each question as a graph, data table, and/or list. The report offers a comprehensive overview of the responses. There is no need to produce a graph or create a formula. It is automatically done. The Summary of Response report makes data analysis easier. This report can be viewed by respondents or shared with others using a link.

Summary of Responses is a report that displays data in a Google form using graphs, tables, charts, and lists.

2. Direct the Flow of the Survey Based on Response

The questions answered by a respondent can be controlled using Google Forms. A form can be created that directs the flow of questioning based on the answer to a multiple choice question. Logic is applied to options in a multiple choice list to display a particular page or submit the form. This is a great way to have people skip questions that do not apply to their situation.

3. Grade a Quiz Automatically

The add-on Flubaroo can be set to automatically grade answers submitted using Google Forms. This add-on is used to create an answer key. Based on this information Flubaroo can quickly grade answers and display results on a separate worksheet. Options are available to email marks to the respondent automatically. This add-on is a must have for any teacher. It is a super time-saver!

4. Analyze Data using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Data from a Google Form is typically stored in a spreadsheet. This information can be analyzed using a pivot table or pivot chart. A pivot table allows a person to place data into rows and columns to produce a grid that summarizes information in a spreadsheet. This is an excellent method of comparing the answers for each subgroup.

A pivot table organizes data from a spreadsheet to compare subgroups.

Information in a pivot table can be transformed into a pivot chart. The chart type can be a bar graph, column graph, line graph, or pie graph. This produces a visual display that makes it easier to compare data for each subgroup.

A pivot chart makes it easy to compare subgroups.

5. Change Destination of Saved Responses

The location of the responses to a Google Form can be changed. This is a great way to re-use a form with a new group of respondents, while maintaining the original set of responses in a separate spreadsheet. This feature makes managing data from different classes simpler.

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