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Digital Marketing and Selling Tactics

At TechnoKids, we have been focused recently on DQ or Digital Intelligence. Part of DQ is digital literacy, which includes information and media literacy. In the newly released project TechnoAd, students build these skills as they play the role of digital marketers. They create a marketing campaign with a unique video ad. But first they need to develop critical awareness of the techniques used by advertisers. So the project begins with students examining online ads to raise media awareness and build critical thinking skills. They explore the selling tactics that attract and hold audience attention.

Selling Tactics

Advertisers use proven techniques to get consumers to want their products. Some of the tactics are easy to spot, but others may influence a buyer in an imperceptible way. In any case, awareness of selling tactics is critical, both for students to design their own ad in this project and to make careful purchasing decisions.

To begin, students study a collection of selling tactics that are used to convince people to buy a product. Since online viewers can click a Skip Ad button or scroll away, advertisers need to grab the viewer’s attention right away, then hold it, and try to persuade them to buy the product. Here are some common selling tactics:

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Can You Spot the Selling Tactics?

Try it out! Watch the following ads to identify the selling tactic. There may be more than one!

Chip Ad

Did you spot the Humor tactic?

Toothpaste Ad

Here both techniques of Expert and Made You Look (special effects) are used.

Here are a couple more to test your selling tactic know-how. You might ask students:

  • What is the product?
  • What is the selling tactic that was used?
  • Did the ad hold your attention? Why or why not?

Food Ad

Toy Ad

TechnoAd Media Literacy and Video Production Lessons

digital marketing

TechnoAd contains additional activities to help students become aware of hidden messages and stereotypes. Students create a survey to find out how their target customer interacts with online advertising. They design a storyboard, deciding on the selling tactics that they are going to use. Then they go on to learn about camera techniques and video editing to produce a short, effective video ad of their own.

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