digital marketing

The use of digital channels such as social media to engage customers by analyzing user data, creating targeted ads, posting them online, and then monitoring the campaign.

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Digital Marketing and Selling Tactics

At TechnoKids, we have been focused recently on DQ or Digital Intelligence. Part of DQ is digital literacy, which includes information and media literacy. In the newly released project TechnoAd, students build these skills as they play the role of digital marketers. They create a marketing campaign with a unique video ad. But first they […]

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Media Exposure Calculator for Students

TechnoKids recently released TechnoAd, in which students became digital marketers. In this project, high school students develop media literacy and video production skills as they plan, film, and edit footage to produce a video ad. To start, we wanted to create awareness of how much media exposure they experience. Here is an extract from an

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