How to Share TechnoKids Files Using Google Drive

At TechnoKids, we’re often asked how our templates, samples, or workbook files can be shared with students. One common option is to use Google Drive. The only prerequisite is that each student must have an individual Gmail account.

Before getting started it is important to refer to your site license agreement. TechnoKids files cannot be placed in the public domain. The folder MUST BE KEPT SECURE and only shared with approved users.


Make a Folder in My Drive

    1. Sign in to the teacher’s Google Drive account.
    2. Make a folder:
      1. Click New and pick Folder.
      2. Name the folder with the name of the project you’re using, e.g., Bookmaking, Toon, or Journal.
      3. Click Create.
    3. Upload the files to the new folder:
      1. Drag and drop the files from the folder OR click New and choose File Upload.
      2. Navigate to the location of the files, select them, and click Open.

Convert the Files (OPTIONAL)

IMPORTANT: Google Docs does not have a native format. This means that TechnoKids templates are Microsoft Office files. To make it easier for your students to open the templates, convert the files into Google Docs files.

If you are using a TechnoKids project that has templates such as TechnoBookmaking, TechnoMe, or TechnoRestaurateur then do this step.

    1. If the file is a Microsoft Office file type (pptx, docx, or xlsx), double click on it.
Is the file a template? If yes, do this step.
    1. Select Open with and pick the Google application such as Google Slides, Google Docs, or Google Sheets.
Open the file with the Google application.
    1. The file will open in the Google application. This will create a Google file that is easy to share with students. Close the tab (X).
    2. You will notice you have TWO files – one is the original Microsoft Office file – the other one is the new Google file. DELETE the original file. KEEP THE GOOGLE FILE.
Delete the original file and keep the new Google file.
    1. Repeat to convert all templates and delete the original files. For example, the picture below is for the project TechnoRestaurateur.
Now there is only a Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides version of the files.

Share the Folder

    1. Go back to My Drive. If necessary, close any tabs that were opened for the converted files.
    2. Select the folder.
    3. Click Share.
    1. Enter the email addresses of all students. You may have created a directory so they can be all added at once.
    2. Click the edit options and choose Can view only. This step ensures that students cannot edit the file unless they save a copy.
  1. You may want to add a note to your students. Students will receive an email with a link. Click Send

TIP: You may want to share a link with students instead of send an email. To do this, click Get shareable link. Select can view. Share the link with students. MAKE CERTAIN THAT WHERE YOU POST THE LINK IS SECURE AND THAT IT WILL NOT BE ACCESSIBLE TO THE PUBLIC.


    1. Open the email and click the link to go to their Google Drive OR open their Google Drive.
    2. Click Shared with me.
    3. Open the folder.
    4. Right click on a file OR single click the file and click More actions.
  1. Pick Make a copy.
  2. Go to My Drive and double click the Copy file to open it.
  3. Rename the file. Now students will be able to work on, edit, and have a copy of their own file.


Each TechnoKids project has a Workbook folder. In it, are digital assignments that students can use to follow instructions and type their answers. Your students must make a copy of each PDF assignment. This will save the file to their Google Drive. They can then use the Chrome extensions XODO or KAMI to open the file and type their answers. To learn more read the blog article, PDF Reader for TechnoKids Files or watch the video, Annotate with XODO TechnoKids Workbooks.

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