Get a Jump Start on Using OneNote Class Notebook

The Internet has many online resources teachers can access to gain help with creating a Class Notebook using OneNote. A quick Google Search will generate a list of sites. However, often they contain outdated information. New things are happening all the time with OneNote Class Notebook. For this reason, it is best to get current information direct from Microsoft.

Below are some of our favorite Microsoft OneNote resources:

Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook Education Blog

Stay up-to-date on what is happening with OneNote. The Education Blog includes announcements, tips, and practical applications in the classroom.

OneNote for Education Video Series

The OneNote for Education website provide access to informative videos. This series is best-suited to teachers that are new to OneNote and need help getting started. In addition to learning about the basics, educators can also view classroom scenarios that provide ideas for implementation.

OneNote FAQ

To transform a TechnoKids project into a Class Notebook requires OneNote 2016 to insert the assignments, which are in PDF format. Many teachers have concerns that OneNote 2016 will no longer be supported. The good news is this is not the case. You can get current information and your questions answered by reading the OneNote Frequently Asked Question page.

Transform a TechnoKids Project into a Class Notebook

How to Make a OneNote Class Notebook Handbook

Microsoft Education provides general information teachers can use to implement the use of Class Notebooks into their practice. If you are using TechnoKids projects, and you would like to transform the assignments into a Class Notebook using OneNote, it is best to refer to the How to Make a OneNote Class Notebook handbook. The instructions will guide you through the process.

TechnoKids Class Notebook Support

If you have additional questions about TechnoKids and OneNote, refer to the Class Notebook support page. The content is divided into seven sections:

  1. Get Started
  2. Create a Class Notebook
  3. Add Assignments and Assessment to the Class Notebook
  4. Add Resources to the Content Library
  5. How Students Use the TechnoKids Notebook
  6. How the Teacher Views Student Work
  7. Tips for Using a Class Notebook

TechnoKids Class Notebook Video Series

If you prefer to follow along to instructional videos, check out our YouTube Class Notebook for Teachers playlist. It is a how-to series that explains how to transform a TechnoKids project into a OneNote Class Notebook.

Do your students need help using their personalized notebooks? The video series Class Notebook Tutorial for Students provides step-by-step instructions. Viewers learn how to annotate TechnoKids assignments, make a copy of a template, view a sample, and submit work. Use this series to support learners.

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