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Create with Google Drawings and Slides

Can young students use digital art tools to create works of art? Yes, they can with Google Drawings!

TechnoGallery – introductory activities to investigate digital art tools – is the latest release from TechnoKids Inc.

Designed for students in Grades 1 to 5, this project uses Google Apps for Education to integrate technology and visual arts. Through guided exploration, students create a series of original art pieces to convey an emotion, tell a story, send a message, and express an idea. The art activities develop fine motor, keyboarding, and basic computing skills.

The fun begins with an exploration of the line and shape tools in Google Drawings. Once familiar with how to create and format objects, the young artists apply their creative talents to make cartoon faces and characters.

TechnoGallery line drawing

Applying their new skills, students then create a picture to tell a story using shapes and lines.

Tell a story with digital art tools

The next activity transforms text into a unique picture by formatting the style and color of letters.

Use Google Drawings to make a word picture

The final art project has students experiment with recoloring and cropping options to create stunning images.

Recolor and crop images to create artwork.

Upon completion, each piece of artwork is placed into picture frames using Google Slides. The art gallery is animated with transitions. Finally students share their artwork and explain their artistic choices during a digital art show.

Enhance the visual arts curriculum with digital art activities. Invite your students to experiment and take risks in the creative process. TechnoGallery is a new, original, and fun way to explore the elements and principles of design through a playful discovery of art tools.

TechnoGallery includes:

  • teacher guide
  • digital student worksheets
  • sample artwork
  • art gallery rubric
  • self-reflection task
  • enrichment activities
Sample artwork created in TechnoGallery.

TechnoGallery is the sixth in a series of TechnoKids technology projects designed especially for use with Google Apps for Education. Other projects in this series are TechnoJournal, TechnoQuestionnaire, TechnoDebate, TechnoTimeline, and TechnoMap.

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