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Advice on using Google Slides in the classroom. Includes tips for using Google Slides to create slide shows, presentations, animated graphic stories, timelines, interactive maps, and more.

How to Make a Pictograph with Google Slides

Want to learn how to make a pictograph with Google Slides? Keep reading! This blog post explains how to use the drawing tools in Google Slides to transform a slide into a pictograph. What is a Pictograph? A pictograph is a graph that is made from pictures. Each image represents a value. It could be …

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Publish Books – TechnoBookmaking

Laurie’s Top TechnoKids Pick This month’s TechnoKids top pick is from Laurie Gerard. Laurie’s favorite technology project is TechnoBookmaking. In TechnoBookmaking primary and elementary students publish books including picture books, flip flap stories, unfolding riddle books, layer book of facts, bookmarks, greeting cards, and more. What makes TechnoBookmaking Laurie’s all-time fav is how enthusiastic kids …

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presentation tips

10 Things You Should Know When Animating a Presentation

Whether you’re a teacher presenting a PowerPoint slide show to colleagues, parents, or students or if you’re teaching students how to give a dynamic presentation to their peers, following are ten tips to keep your audience hooked! Animating a presentation creatively can keep viewers engaged and interested. Use a variety of animation typesThere are lots …

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Bookmaking Ideas to Celebrate Learning

Are you looking for bookmaking ideas? TechnoBookmaking has activities for making flip, folding, and accordion style books. Once students have finished making their stories, showcase their work. There are many ways to share students’ books with others. Create a Real Audience for Students’ Books Book Nook: Place your books on a classroom shelf. Classmates can …

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bookmaking activities

Benefits of Bookmaking Activities

Bookmaking activities offer many benefits to students. Have your students make accordion, flip, folding books, and more. Motivate Reluctant Writers: Bookmaking is a fun activity. Templates support students during the writing process, which makes it easier to organize ideas. In addition, many books can be made using minimal text. This offers a relief to reluctant …

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bookmaking lessons

Bookmaking Lessons – NEW! TechnoBookmaking

In TechnoBookmaking, students make, print, and share books. The bookmaking lessons have students become authors and illustrators of fiction and non-fiction books. They use templates to make a picture book, flip flap story, unfolding riddle book, layer book of facts, bookmarks, greeting card, and more! Extension activities include additional templates that offer unlimited creativity. Rethink …

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Do’s and Don’ts of Slide Show Presentations

When students share a slide show presentation they have created with the class, prepare them for success with a discussion of effective public speaking strategies. A few basic guidelines can turn a presentation into an engaging, interesting, and compelling learning experience for both the speaker and the audience. Do Rehearse by yourself, to a friend, …

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animation workshop

Animation Workshop for Google Slides

Try these three fun ideas and sharpen your animation skills with Google Slides! In a previous post, I described a new TechnoKids project for Google Apps for Education. TechnoToon inspires students to write in a comic format. The graphic format of the writing with images, callouts, starbursts, text boxes, and word art, really hooks student …

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