A graph is a diagram that represents data using lines, curves, bars, or other symbols. TechnoKids technology projects include many graphing activities as part of a problem solving task.

google sheets chart editor

Google Sheets Chart Editor Sidebar

Get to know the Google Sheets Chart editor sidebar. The Chart editor sidebar is a pane that organizes chart editing options using collapsible sections. The sidebar allows the chart style, chart and axis titles, series, legend, horizontal axis, vertical axis, and gridlines to be customized. The pane displays different choices depending on chart type. When

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pivot chart

Use Google Forms to Make a Pivot Chart

You can make a pivot chart to manipulate data collected from a Google Form survey or questionnaire. This is an excellent way to compare groups by using a bar graph. Follow the step-by-step instructions to make your own using existing data collected. If you are using Google Forms with your students, you have likely read

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