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Use Google Forms to Make a Pivot Chart

You can make a pivot chart to manipulate data collected from a Google Form survey or questionnaire. This is an excellent way to compare groups by using a bar graph. Follow the step-by-step instructions to make your own using existing data collected.

If you are using Google Forms with your students, you have likely read our previous posts: 5 Reasons to Use Google Forms with your Students, 5 More Reasons, and Google Forms and Graphed Results. This post expands on these topics.


To make the pivot chart in the activity below, you must first have created a pivot table as described in my last post. Pivot charts are another way to analyze data about subgroups in a survey population.

Follow the instructions to create a pivot chart.

  1. Open the spreadsheet with the responses that you created when making the pivot table.
  2. To view the pivot table, click the Pivot Table 1 tab at the bottom of the window.
    The table should look something like this:
Pivot Table for Middle School Sheets
  1. Remove the Grand Totals:
    • In the Rows area, remove the checkmark in the Show totals box.
    • In the Columns area, remove the checkmark in the Show totals box.
show totals
  1. From the Insert menu, click Chart.
    • On the Start tab, click Use row 1 as header to add labels to the legend. Click Insert.
Use Row 1 as Header
  1. Drag the chart beside the pivot table.
chart and table
  1. Select the Chart title. Type Comparison of X by Y. Press ENTER.
add chart title
  1. Click on the Left vertical axis title. Type Description. Press ENTER.
  2. Click on the Horizontal axis title. Type Number of People. Press ENTER.
pivot chart
  1. Save the chart: (optional)
    • Click the arrow on the top right corner of the chart.
    • Select Save image.

Do you prefer a pivot table or pivot chart when comparing data? Why?

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