Author a story using technology. Write, illustrate, and edit an original publication using software such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

pick your own ending story

Pick Your Own Ending Story

Do you want a unique creative writing activity? Do you have reluctant writers who need inspiration? Do you need to integrate technology with language arts? Forms is the answer! Whether you’re using Microsoft Forms or Google Forms, writing a pick your own ending story is a fun lesson that combines computer skills and the writing …

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creative writing and building scripts

Storytelling and Coding for Beginners

Storytelling and coding are the ideal combination when introducing programming concepts to beginners. If you are teaching a STEM unit with primary or elementary students consider designing an animated story using Scratch Jr. Discover the reasons for blending creative writing with coding activities. Storytelling is Familiar The structure of a story is familiar to children. …

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NEW! TechnoTales Coding Activities for Beginners

TechnoTales is a new STEM project by TechnoKids Inc. It includes coding activities for beginners. Primary and elementary students in Grades 2-4 follow the detailed instructions to create a modern fairy tale using Scratch Jr. They learn how to build scripts to animate the story action. Blend Creative Writing With Coding The lessons in TechnoTales …

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Publish Books – TechnoBookmaking

Laurie’s Top TechnoKids Pick This month’s TechnoKids top pick is from Laurie Gerard. Laurie’s favorite technology project is TechnoBookmaking. In TechnoBookmaking primary and elementary students publish books including picture books, flip flap stories, unfolding riddle books, layer book of facts, bookmarks, greeting cards, and more. What makes TechnoBookmaking Laurie’s all-time fav is how enthusiastic kids …

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Bookmaking Ideas to Celebrate Learning

Are you looking for bookmaking ideas? TechnoBookmaking has activities for making flip, folding, and accordion style books. Once students have finished making their stories, showcase their work. There are many ways to share students’ books with others. Create a Real Audience for Students’ Books Book Nook: Place your books on a classroom shelf. Classmates can …

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bookmaking activities

Benefits of Bookmaking Activities

Bookmaking activities offer many benefits to students. Have your students make accordion, flip, folding books, and more. Motivate Reluctant Writers: Bookmaking is a fun activity. Templates support students during the writing process, which makes it easier to organize ideas. In addition, many books can be made using minimal text. This offers a relief to reluctant …

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bookmaking lessons

Bookmaking Lessons – NEW! TechnoBookmaking

In TechnoBookmaking, students make, print, and share books. The bookmaking lessons have students become authors and illustrators of fiction and non-fiction books. They use templates to make a picture book, flip flap story, unfolding riddle book, layer book of facts, bookmarks, greeting card, and more! Extension activities include additional templates that offer unlimited creativity. Rethink …

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Teach the Writing Process with Technology

Is there a way to spark student interest in the writing process? Yes, there is! Use technology to engage primary students using the book templates in TechnoStories, a unique computer project that integrates language arts curriculum with technology. TechnoStories is designed especially for young children to develop beginning keyboarding and word processing skills. They learn …

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story writing activities

New Google Docs Project for Primary Grades

The latest addition to TechnoKids’ new line of technology projects created for Google Docs and Microsoft Word is TechnoStories, designed for Grades 1 to 3. This project builds basic word processing and keyboarding skills for beginners. Included in the project are: Teacher Guide Digital Student Workbook Templates Sample Stories Assessment Tools – Skill Summary, Student …

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