Teach the Writing Process with Technology

Is there a way to spark student interest in the writing process? Yes, there is!

Use technology to engage primary students using the book templates in TechnoStories, a unique computer project that integrates language arts curriculum with technology. TechnoStories is designed especially for young children to develop beginning keyboarding and word processing skills. They learn to write, illustrate, and edit an original storybook using Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

TechnoStories follows the stages of the writing process with fun, appealing, and inviting activities:

  1. Organize Ideas: A planning sheet allows young students to sketch their ideas. They plan the beginning, middle, and end of their story. Book titles are included as a source of inspiration.
  2. Draft Writing: In TechnoStories, students use a book template with a title page and three story pages to write and illustrate their story. Word processing skills such as how to format text and images are applied from previous assignments. Sentence starters support writing.
  3. Edit Writing: Students use electronic tools to correct errors. A checklist is provided to help proofread the publication.
  4. Publish Writing: The completed storybook is shared as students send a link by email to their teacher, friend, or parent. Optional instructions are provided to print or transform the document into an animated flipbook using a free online service.
  5. Reflection: Students identify their strengths as writers by rating their word processing ability, quality of story writing, and effort.

Turn your students into enthusiastic young authors with TechnoStories!

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