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All About Me

Start the new school year with a unique approach to an “All About Me” unit of study.

In the new TechnoKids project TechnoMe, students in grades 1 to 3 build technology skills as they create a slide show about what makes them special. They use a Google Slides or PowerPoint template to make a mini biography. Students tell personal facts, accomplishments, goals, and interests. On completion, they share their slide show with a friend to compare how they are similar and different. Enhance self-esteem, foster relationships, build self-awareness, and develop fundamental computer skills in a fun, inspiring technology project.

Students like to tell about themselves. But limited keyboarding and computing skills can cause frustration. Using the TechnoMe template, students are given the tools to create a fun slide show with a title page and predesigned slides that require students to complete sentence starters and insert pictures. Beginners learn to:

  • format text
  • Insert images
  • apply transitions
  • present a slide show to others
  • pose questions and listen to responses

The fun begins with a title page. On the template, students learn how to format font, size, style, and color of text. On the next slide, they finish sentences to tell basic facts about themselves.

In following activities, students search for pictures to illustrate their goals and things they like. They learn to resize and move images. Optional suggestions include inserting student photos, printing the slides, and creating a class bulletin board.

all about me

To finish, transitions are added to the slide show and then it is shared with friends. Students are encouraged to discover similarities and differences in the shared projects.

TechnoMe includes many optional extension activities with ideas to challenge students to create additional slides.

Spark student interest with this fun, new project using Go Suite or Microsoft Office!

View a Sample All About Me Video

All About Me! A sample video from TechnoMe.
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