Order a Project Any Time on Any Day and Receive your Download Immediately

TechnoKids Inc. has just launched an updated download system. This addition to the new TechnoKids Storefront means that customers will receive their orders even faster. Orders for one or two projects will now be processed immediately.

No longer will customers have to wait for regular business hours. Instead, project orders placed on Sunday afternoon or Wednesday night, will be available for download right away. This change in the electronic download system will help teachers prepare for their upcoming classes without having to worry about how quickly they can access the instructional materials.

Scott Gerard, president and founder of TechnoKids Inc. states, “There was a need for TechnoKids to update our ordering system. Our customers are living in different time zones all over the world. We needed a 24 hour store that made it fast and easy for teachers to order product.”

TechnoKids Inc. has been making improvements to their online store over the past year, to make purchasing TechnoKids Computer Curriculum easier. Several features were added to the catalog including promotions, advanced search feature, and icons with the Office version to avoid confusion when ordering. The latest update to the TechnoKids Storefront means that ordering projects just became simpler.

When a customer places an order for one or two projects, the product is available as an electronic download. If the customer places the order using a credit card, the secure system authorizes the payment. Once authorized, an email is sent to the customer that contains a link. When the link is clicked, the product can then be downloaded to the customer computer. It is just that simple!

The secure download system was designed by Bob Gill from i2bGlobal.com, which is a local Canadian company. Bob commented about the new addition to the TechnoKids Storefront, “i2bGlobal.com specializes in custom e-commerce business solutions. We were pleased to be able to give TechnoKids customers quick access to project downloads.”

TechnoKids customers placing orders for one or two projects, using a purchase order will still need to wait to download their instructional materials. Purchase orders are manually processed. This means that an electronic download using this payment method will be issued during regular business orders. Only customers using the online store and paying with a credit card will be able to download projects immediately.

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