Computer Lessons for Kindergarten Students using Kid Pix

Are you interested in activities you can do in the computer lab with kindergarten students? TechnoKids Inc. has published a bundle of five technology projects, plus an activity book. These projects use the early learning software, Kid Pix. Each project is developmentally appropriate for children aged four to five and have been tested by kindergarten teachers. The Kid Pix bundle includes TechnoBasics, TechnoColors, TechnoLetters, TechnoNumbers, TechnoShapes, and a Kid Pix Activity Book. There are several options for purchasing the new projects. They can be bought individually or as a bundle.

The five technology projects in the Kid Pix Bundle integrate into curriculum:

  • TechnoBasics: Students acquire basic skills to become a Computer Whiz.
  • TechnoColors: Students demonstrate an understanding of color to create artwork.
  • TechnoLetters: Students use the computer to learn the letters of the alphabet.
  • TechnoNumbers: Students count, sort, trace, draw, type, and animate numbers.
  • TechnoShapes: Students learn about shapes and create unique designs.

The Kid Pix lesson plans are a fun way to introduce kindergarten students to computers. Although TechnoKids Inc. is known for creating fun activities using Microsoft Office, the kindergarten bundle of technology projects does not use Office applications. Instead, all the lesson plans use Kid Pix 3D. Curriculum developer Laurie Gerard explains why this software was selected, “Kid Pix software has been around for years. Kindergarten children love the colorful environment, easy to use tools, and fun animations. This software makes children want to use the computer to create.”

Lydia Bosch the senior kindergarten teacher at John Knox Christian School, is enjoying the TechnoKids curriculum and using it to teach her students. She describes the experience, “Initially I was worried about teaching computers to my SK class, but using the TechnoKids curriculum has made it easy. The lesson plans are very thorough and manageable. The SK students have really enjoyed learning the Kid Pix program and can’t wait to get back in the computer lab every week!”

For several years, the curriculum development team tested using software such as Word and PowerPoint with four and five year old children. The results were disappointing. The Office environment required a level of mouse control that few kindergarten students had developed. It was decided that even though TechnoKids could create kindergarten materials using Office applications that the quality of the activities would suffer. Christa Love, vice president of TechnoKids states, “Many schools do not want to invest in software for kindergarten students. Instead, they would like to use the Microsoft Office applications they already have installed on the computers. However, we just reached a point where we had to say, ‘just because we could, didn’t mean we should’. Kindergarten students are at a critical age when you want to foster a love of technology. Kid Pix does that.”

Classroom Quilt

The Kid Pix technology projects offer teachers valuable resources. Each project includes worksheets that students can complete offline. These worksheets are helpful if a teacher needs to divide the class into two groups. One group can complete the computer activity, while the other students wait their turn by completing the worksheet.

The technology projects also include printable manipulatives that students can use to develop their understanding of colors, letters, numbers, and shapes outside of the computer lab. As well, extension activities allow students to transfer their learning to new tasks. There are a wide-range of teaching ideas including recipes, crafts, and games.

Other helpful resources include Kid Pix templates for students, sample files to model a finished product, videos that demonstrate a concept, or cards that act as a visual aid. Moreover, each project includes customizable resources such as reviews, parent letters, and certificates.

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