Students in Florida are “TechnoKids”

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum was approved by the Florida Department of Education in October 2003. Today, use of the instructional materials in public schools throughout the State continues to increase. A growing number of educators in the state of Florida are integrating technology into student learning. Using TechnoKids projects, teachers are incorporating word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia, databases, and telecommunication skills into meaningful activities.

The curriculum adoption by Florida State Department of Education was a huge step forward in reaching a greater number of middle and high school students. Committee members who reviewed and approved the TechnoKids projects enthusiastically promoted the curriculum with their colleagues. Anina Sillery, distributor of TechnoKids Computer Curriculum states, “Receiving state approval for the TechnoKids Curriculum was a wonderful success. In Miami-Dade and Volusia counties, 57 middle schools are now actively using the curriculum. The teachers are thrilled with the projects. They are geared for the interest level of the middle school students and teach computer skills in a motivating and exciting way.”

Anina finds that having the TechnoKids Curriculum listed on the state adopted list means that teachers and administrators are often already familiar with the product. As a result, superintendents will purchase the projects for their entire school district, eliminating the need for visits to individual schools. “Going through the approval process required some effort,” says Anina Sillery, “but it was well worth it, as thousands of students in Florida are now learning technology skills using TechnoKids Computer Curriculum.” TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is on its way to becoming a classroom favorite with the teachers in Florida State.

TechnoKids Inc. has in their current product offering more than 60 projects. However, for the adoption bid only 10 projects were selected. TechnoIntermediate for middle school students included TechnoTravel, TechnoEzine, TechnoMission, TechnoCEO, and TechnoInvestor. TechnoSenior for high school students included TechnoVenture, TechnoConsultant, TechnoSpecialist, TechnoDesigner, and TechnoPlanner. Both TechnoIntermediate and TechnoSenior are now recommended for Grades 6-12 Computer Applications Courses. Teachers interested in purchasing the instructional materials order them from the Florida State Book Depository.

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