TechnoKids Welcomes New Associate: Romania

TechnoKids Inc. welcomes its newest international associate, Vranceanu Cosmin Emanuel, who is introducing TechnoKids to Romania.

With some years of experience with education in Romania and a strong background in technology, Cosmin has both the background and expertise to launch TechnoKids Computer Curriculum in his country. He has previously established early childhood education and learning centers that focus on fun, interactive programs to infuse a love of learning as children learn life skills. Adding TechnoKids technology projects will be a perfect fit. TechnoKids project based learning engages students with real life problem solving activities to integrate the teaching of technology.

Cosmin’s strengths in computers in the business are extensive. As a network engineer, his roles have included developing business relations with major ISPs in Romania, designing, implementing, and maintaining fiber optic networks, and offering customer support. He is very well suited to managing a computer learning center.

In June, TechnoKids Ltd. in Romania set up learning centers in the cities of Bucharest and Sibiu. Following that, the company plans to expand further, opening learning centers in every major city of Romania. We look forward to hearing news about how the children in Romania have fun and learn using TechnoKids technology projects!

Students working at TechnoKids Learning Center in Bucharest
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