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Get Your Curriculum from an Approved TIPS Vendor

TechnoKids is now a TIPS Vendor. This is great news if you are a TIPS member, because now you can gain access to exclusive savings on curriculum and education materials. Just in case you didn’t know, TIPS is a purchasing cooperative. It is The Interlocal Purchasing System or TIPS for short. Membership allows K-12 schools and other agencies in the USA a simple way to order, with a promise of receiving the best price without the delay and expense of going out to bid.

TechnoKids is an Approved TIPS Vendor

Check out our TechnoKids TIPS Profile to learn more about our curriculum. It is ideal for classroom teachers, STEM educators, CTE instructors, digital literacy classes, and those interested in technology integration. TechnoKids technology projects are grouped by level to make it easy for you to find what you need.

How Does TechnoKids Being a TIP Vendor Help You?

What does TechnoKids becoming an approved TIPS Vendor mean to you?

For many educators, it is a struggle to get educational materials for the classroom. This is often a result of bureaucracy. You know what you need. In fact, you have invested lots of time finding the best curriculum for your students. However, your school or district may have a complex system of adding new vendors, like TechnoKids, into their database so that you can order. Sometimes by the time the paperwork is complete, your unit or semester might be over.

TIPS changes all that! If your organization is a TIPS member, your purchasing agent can order directly through them. This lets you get what you need FASTER! If you want to know more about membership, call TIPS to get started, 866-839-8477.

TIPS Vendor
TechnoKids is an approved TIPS vendor of curriculum.

How to Get TIPS Members’ Exclusive Savings

TIPS members save on curriculum and education materials, like TechnoKids Computer Curriculum. Education organizations belonging to TIPS are one step closer to getting lessons for Microsoft 365, Google, or programing that complement their program. With TechnoKids instruction materials, you can engage your students with project-based activities that make learning meaningful. TechnoKids has a collection of technology projects you can use to teach coding, web design, animation, word processing, spreadsheets, digital citizenship, and more!

Here is what you need to do to order curriculum from TechnoKids, an approved TIPS Vendor:

  1. Determine the TechnoKids project or curriculum collection that fits your curriculum needs.
  2. After that, find out if your school is a TIPS member. If you are not, let your purchasing agent know about TIPS.
  3. When you are ready, contact TechnoKids to get a TIPS Quote at either or 1-800-221-7921. When you contact TechnoKids you must identify yourself as a TIPS member to receive your exclusive pricing.
  4. Afterwards, give the TIPS Quote to your purchasing agent. They will create a purchase order and email it to
  5. TIPS will then send your PO to TechnoKids. Once we receive your order request, your school will be put into our system. Instantly, you will have a TechnoHub account, which will allow you to download your TechnoKids technology projects.

    Now you can start teaching with TechnoKids project-based computer curriculum!


TechnoKids has been awarded several contracts:

  • 210301:  Academic Curriculum and Instructional/Educational Goods, Materials, and Services
  • 180902:  Classroom and Teaching Aids Goods and Services
  • 210401:  Office and School Supplies Products and Services
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