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Are you interested in teaching your students about the Internet? TechnoJourney is a technology project that introduces students to the wonders online. Select a destination and then travel to each location to complete Internet computer activities. The destinations are organized around the following places: Visitor’s Center, e-Library, e-Media Center, e-Playground, e-Mail Depot, and e-Café. Keep track of where you have visited using an Internet Passport.

NOTE: This title was replaced with TechnoInternet. The activities are similar.

You can select the destinations that are best-suited for your students based on their experience, access to resources, and time:

  • Experience: Consider whether your students are beginners or if they already possess some Internet skills.
  • Resources: Examine any network restrictions or school policies that may limit Internet based activities such as viewing online videos, sending e-mail, or chatting.
  • Time: Determine the time you have to complete the activities as this will greatly influence the number of destinations your students visit.

TechnoJourney offers teachers flexibility:

  • Teach the Entire Project or a Few Assignments: You do not have to visit every destination. Select the locations that will teach the Internet skills best-suited to your students.
  • Select Assignments Based on Grade Level: You can teach some assignments to younger students and more challenging assignments to your older students simply by selecting different destinations to visit.
  • Revisit the Project throughout the School Year: TechnoJourney can be the technology project you return to throughout the school year. For example, if you have a few classes before Spring Break you can travel to the Webcam Observatory or if there are several children away one day, the rest of the class can visit the Arcade.
  • Select Activities Based on Student Needs: TechnoJourney offers a range of Internet activities. This allows you to select assignments based on the needs of your students. For example, if there is a need to review Internet research skills your students can visit the Research Corner. Or, if an issue with cyberbullying arises, you can travel to Social Media Place and discuss this issue.


Attend an Orientation Meeting at the Visitor’s Center – Plan the e-Journey at the visitor’s center. To gain access to the Safety Booth, students receive a safety stamp in their passport (Assignment 1). This permits them to participate in a seminar where they learn Internet guidelines and earn their Internet Citizenship Card.

All Aboard Internet Explorer & Search Engine Station – Jump onboard Internet Explorer to learn Internet terminology and how to use web browser tools. Students receive a search stamp in their passport (Assignment 2/3) to obtain access to Search Engine Station and practice using basic search strategies.

Collect Bookmarks in the Favorites Center – Apply skills to find favorite places on the Internet. Students receive a bookmarks stamp in their passport (Assignment 4) which permits them to save the location of favorite places in the Favorites Center or their student folder.

Homework Helper for School – Students obtain homework help. They receive a school stamp in their passport (Session 1 Extension Activity) which allows them to enter the School. While in this location, they bookmark homework helper websites.

In the e-Library – Students visit the Research Corner of the e-Library to learn about the type of research material available on the Internet. They receive a research stamp in their passport (Assignment 5/6) which grants them the ability to review web pages and assess the quality of information.

From the News Rack – Students become familiar with current events. They receive a news stamp in their passport (Session 2 Extension Activity) which gains them access to the News Rack where they read popular newspapers and magazines.

Search the Image Gallery at the e-Media Center – Take an excursion to the e-Media Center and stop by the Images Gallery. Students receive a photos stamp in their passport (Assignment 7) allowing them to view the gallery of online images and collect pictures in their student folder.

Visit the Video Theater at the e-Media Center – Students watch videos at the Video Theater. They receive a videos stamp in their passport (Assignment 8) which lets them view documentaries, speeches, demonstrations, and entertaining footage.

Survey the Map Collection at the e-Media Center – Develop map-making skills. Students receive a maps stamp in their passport (Session 3 Extension Activity) which permits them to visit the Map Collection to plot a location and generate directions.

Experience the Arcade at the e-Playground – Have fun playing games. Students receive a games stamp in their passport (Assignment 9) which enables them to visit the Arcade where they play online games and rank the entertainment value.

Explore the Sound Stage at the e-Playground – Visit the Sound Stage. Students receive a music stamp in their passport (Assignment 10) which lets them listen to online radio stations, sound clips, and favorite songs.

Visit the Webcam Observatory at the e-Playground – Observe remote sites at the Webcam Observatory. Students receive a webcams stamp in their passport (Assignment 11) to be able to view streaming video or images of events and attractions from around the world.

At the Bank – Learn about online banking. Students receive a banking stamp in their passport (Session 4 Extension Activity) to acquire permission to interview an adult at the Bank to discover the reasons people use online banking services.

At the Shopping Mall – Learn about online shopping. Students receive a shopping stamp in their passport (Session 4 Extension Activity) to interview an adult at the Shopping Mall to determine the reasons people purchase items from online stores.

Exchange E-Mail at the e-Mail Post Office – Send e-mail to communicate. Students receive an email stamp in their passport (Assignment 12-14) to gain entrance into the e-Mail Post Office. There they learn e-mail safety, netiquette, how to exchange messages, and attach files.

Visit the e-Card Shop to Send E-Cards – Students mail electronic greeting cards. They receive an ecards stamp in their passport (Session 5 Extension Activity) to visit the e-Card Shop where they send a family member or friend an e-card that recognizes a special event or achievement.

Chat with Friends in the e-Café – Students chat with friends in the Internet. They receive a chat stamp in their passport (Assignment 16/17) that grants them the ability to exchange messages in real-time in the Chat Room.

Network at Social Media Place – Students socialize at Social Media Place. They receive a social media stamp in their passport which gains them entry into Social Media Place. There they explore social media sites (Assignment 18) and the blogosphere (Session 6 Extension Activity).

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