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Fun Word Processing Lessons for Google and Word TechnoEditor

Great news! TechnoEditor, an engaging introduction to word processing, has just been released for Microsoft 365 and Google Docs. This project teaches basic yet essential technology skills and is ideal for Grades 4-9 students. Jam-packed with key tools and techniques, it has been a fan favorite with educators in the past. Teachers noticed that it was missing in our product line-up and asked TechnoKids to revive the title. So we did!

Teach Word Processing with a Meaningful Task

TechnoEditor is a technology project with activities that have students edit a collection of stories, poems, and comics to master word processing. The project includes over 15 assignments, 6 quizzes, 5 skill reviews, and 6 extension activities. The lessons support learners as they develop essential editing techniques. Each task targets a new skill such as text and image formatting, drawing objects, page layout, and more!

TechnoEditor makes learning meaningful. When students learn fundamental computer skills in a project-based activity, they are most likely to be motivated and interested. In addition, when using a problem-solving task, they are more likely to understand how their leaning can be applied. With the purpose of making an appealing and attractive storybook for young children, TechnoEditor shows a practical, real-life reason for learning word processing skills.

Make It Fun!

In TechnoEditor, students revise, improve, and correct a template. They work with a collection of short stories, funny poems, and comics to explore Microsoft Word or Google Docs tools and features. Taking the role of an editor of a document for younger students, they learn key word processing techniques. As they develop these skills, they also focus on making the file look great to attract their target audience. When finished, they share the storybook.  

What Skills Does TechnoEditor Teach?

TechnoEditor is an introduction to basic word processing skills which will be applied in an infinite variety of school projects in the future: reports, stories, journals, publications, viewpoints, newsletters, essays, and more. As well, they will likely continue to reap the benefits of these word processing skills as they enter the workplace.

Learning objectives in TechnoEditor include:

  • Format text to communicate a message effectively
  • Illustrate a story using pictures
  • Apply text wrapping and a picture style to images
  • Produce a comic strip by combining images and text
  • Format shapes, images, and WordArt
  • Use cut, copy, and paste
  • Proofread and correct writing based on guidelines
  • Revise a publication to improve layout

We often assume that tech-savvy students are familiar with word processing techniques and tools. Often, that is not the case. An upcoming article will explore reasons to teach word processing explicitly, yet in a context that is meaningful to children. Teach key foundational skills using TechnoEditor in order that students apply their learning today and far into the future.

Do you want to learn more about TechnoEditor? Watch this short video to see what it’s all about.

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