Summarize a person’s life, accomplishments, and contribution to society. Celebrate the achievements of a significant figure. Integrate biographical writing into a language arts, social studies, or a history curriculum unit.

how to make a fact card

How to Make a Fact Card: Pauline Johnson Biography

Do you want your students to make a fact card? A fact card is a one-sheet document. It provides key information about a topic. Typically, headings organize the facts. Often it includes images to illustrate a point. The goal is to make the data clear and concise. That way, a person can quickly learn about […]

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reflection questions

Reflection Questions for Biography Projects

Biographies do more than inform readers about a remarkable life. These true life stories explain the contributions of a notable person. A study of a hero or famous figure provides advice and insight for life lessons. Biographies can offer motivation and inspiration as the reader makes connections to their own experiences. Reflection after reading or

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write a biography

Top 3 Reasons to Read and Write a Biography

In TechnoBiography, the newest technology project introduced by TechnoKids Inc., students select a notable person and learn how to write a biography. They are guided through the research process, learn how to write a personal history using headings, create a graphic organizer highlighting contributions, and showcase online artifacts related to the person. But why is

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New Biography Technology Project

TechnoBiography is an all-new technology project just released by TechnoKids. Elementary and middle school students select a remarkable person and write a biography. The activities, written for Google Docs and Microsoft Office, have students: Write a Biography about a Remarkable Person In the TechnoBiography technology project, students become biographers writing about a person’s life story

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