differentiated instruction

Differentiated instruction is a teaching strategy that adjusts instruction to meet each student’s unique learning needs. This might be an adjustment in the content, activity, product, or learning environment. TechnoKids provides resources such as skill reviews, extension activities, and open-ended challenges to support the diversity of all learners.

remote learning

How to Engage Students in Remote Learning

Teaching is a wonderful yet demanding task when students are physically present in a classroom. But it’s a whole other level of challenge when they’re learning from home. Online learning or virtual instruction has been available since the beginning of the Internet. This model has primarily been used by colleges, universities, and corporations. However, in […]

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Differentiated Instruction and TechnoKids

Every time teachers step into their classrooms, they face the evidence of the need for differentiated instruction. Each student arrives at school at a different starting point: a certain attitude of readiness for learning, an individual style of acquiring knowledge, and a distinct level of mastery of concepts. Multiply these three factors by the number

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