achieving your goals

Achieving your Goals

Don’t spend your time engaging in activities that are a distraction. This prevents you from achieving your goals. But that doesn’t mean achieving your goals is impossible. With focus, anyone can get what they want.

There are three key elements to achieving your goals:

  1. RISK: A goal should be risky. It should be something you have never done before. If you have achieved it, it is no longer a goal.
  2. MEASUREABLE: Your goals should be specific. For example, instead of wanting to be an A student, you will want to get a score of 95% on your next math test.
  3. TIME FRAME: Make sure you set a goal that has a specific date of completion. For example, You have set December 31, 2013 for achieving your goals.

Achieving your Goals Mantra

One way of achieving your goals is making them clear in your mind on a daily basis. Below is a mantra to repeat to yourself daily:

Achieving your goals
Achieving your Goals takes focus.

In an easy and relaxed manner,

In a healthy and positive way,

In its own good time,

For the highest good of all,

I desire and intend to obtain [state goals] to come into my life and into the lives of all who hold this intention.

This or something better!

This mantra for achieving your goals is copyright © 2012 Paul Tobey, Training Business Pros.

About Achieving your Goals

Achieving your goals moves you to a higher level of purpose and meaning of what you want to do, what you want to be, and what you want to have in your life.

Achieving your goals is not about what you need, but rather about what you want. The Law of Detachment says that if you focus on what you need, you are working to fill that void of what you are lacking instead of focusing on achieving your goals, or what you actually want.

Goals should be what you want to do, be , and have. Once you have set your goals you need to think about how they make your feel. A worthy goal should make you feel great.

A goal should have purpose. It should help you and others. If your goal is hurtful or harmful to others than it is not a worthwhile aim. Instead, your goal should positivly influence your life and the lives of your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and fellow students.

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