Attention: Kindergarten Teachers


Taking a class of preschoolers into the computer lab can be a daunting, chaotic experience. Young children tend to have very limited skills but endless enthusiasm and eagerness to experiment. Sending these students into a room full of expensive, complex technology can be a formidable challenge. And then asking them to log on to a network, open a program, and print their work clearly can overwhelm even the most prepared and courageous teacher.

TechnoKids has created technology projects using the new KidPix 3D to make the computer experience for both young students and teachers an enjoyable and productive learning experience.

Computer lab time is valuable. The learning that young children acquire should be structured and targeted towards beginning a skill set upon which to build in subsequent years. The TechnoKids Kid Pix projects provide the materials, teacher guide books, step-by-step instructions, templates, worksheets, and more to ensure that students are not just having fun using a drawing program, but are simultaneously building basic technology skills.

Top 3 Benefits of TechnoKids Kid Pix Projects

  1. Meaningful Learning Skills: Using TechnoKids projects ensures that young students will not just be experimenting and aimlessly playing with software. They complete structured lessons that build a set of academic and technology learning objectives.
  2. Step-by-Step Instruction: To assist teaching, the teacher guide and student workbook describe each step aided by pictures of each software tool and sample student results.
  3. Complete Resources: Teachers only need to have Kid Pix software on their computers. All other resources that are needed to complete the project are provided.

TechnoBasics is a great starting point for introducing kindergarten children to computers. The project uses the Kid Pix program to teach young children how to open and close a program, develop mouse skills, and navigate a keyboard. In addition, there are off computer activities that can be conducted in the classroom to teach students important rules about computer care and use.

Often there are not enough computers for each student, or the teacher has one group working on computer and one group doing other work. The TechnoKids Kid Pix projects have a variety of activities provided in the resource materials to accommodate this situation. Games, worksheets, and review activities that are completed without the computer are included to help introduce and strengthen new concepts such as counting, letter recognition, color attributes, and shape terminology.

The other four TechnoKids projects – TechnoColors, TechnoLetters, TechnoNumbers, and TechnoShapes develop further core concepts essential to Kindergarten and first grade curriculums. Students build specific technology learning objectives in a systematic approach as they investigate the fun and engaging features of Kid Pix 3D. A summary of skills in each TechnoKids project provides a checklist for teachers to track and report student learning. In addition, all resources needed to complete the project are provided: teacher guide, student workbook, review questions, extension activities, parent letter, and completion certificate. Projects also include sample student work and teacher resources such as games, posters, learning cards, handouts, and teacher resources. Everything is provided to minimise teacher workload and boost student learning and fun.

Visit TechnoKids to read more about the new TechnoKids Kid Pix projects. Download sample assignments and view student work. TechnoKids projects are available as a bundle. Visit our online store to order.

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