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Align Common Core with Technology Curriculum. Help Is Here.

The large majority of the states in the US, forty-one as of last count, have committed to implementing the Common Core State Standards.

  • What does this mean for teachers?
  • Will it increase an already onerous workload?
  • Will it improve student readiness for college, the workplace, and life?

These are all critical questions for educators and parents, but the general consensus is that creating a common set of goals and expectations for student success is essential. To have our graduating students compete in the workplace with their peers in America and abroad, benchmarks for competence in English and Mathematics need to be set.

Common Core State StandardsTechnoKids Common Core Alignment

A fundamental 21st century skill is proficiency in using technology.

All of this seems to add to the burden of the teacher. But it really does not!

TechnoKids Now Aligns with Common Core Standards

TechnoKids Inc. recognizes the value of Common Core standardization. Two new, free correlation documents map out how projects at every grade correlate with the English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards. These documents identify how TechnoKids computer curriculum teaches the skills identified by the Common Core Standards. Teachers can now use the TechnoKids correlation documents to connect each TechnoKids project quickly to the specific learning outcomes of the Common Core Standards.

common core alignment

Correlating the standards with a project is simple: for any TechnoKids computer project, view the TechnoKids Common Core correlation document for that grade level. The specific Common Core standards – English Language Arts or Mathematics – achieved in that particular project are listed by description as well as by code identification.

Project Based Learning Achieves Multiple Goals

The Common Core State Standards Initiative clearly states that the standards do not tell teachers how or what they should teach. The tools, topics, and curriculum materials used to achieve these goals is up to teachers. TechnoKids Computer Curriculum resources are available to:

  • reach Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and/or Mathematics
  • teach computer skills
  • engage students in fun and meaningful real world problem solving

And all of these can be accomplished in one curriculum project!

TechnoKids Common Core Correlation

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum uses the project based learning instructional approach to integrate multiple learning objectives into one unit of study. Computer skills are combined with English Language Arts, Social Science, Science, Art, and/or Mathematics in an interdisciplinary study. As an added bonus, students find that playing the role of a entrepreneur, advertising agent, film producer, marketing manager, stock broker, or any one of the many meaningful simulations in TechnoKids projects is engaging, highly motivating, and fun.

NOTE: TechnoDrama has been a favorite for many years. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. To find other TechnoKids projects related to web design view the Project Matrix or visit the TechnoKids website.

Common Core State Standards are clear, consistent guidelines that will help teachers to ensure that vital critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills are being taught. Now TechnoKids Computer Curriculum helps teachers identify, teach, and track these skills in every project at every grade.

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