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How to Use the Video Editing Preview Toolbar in Blender

Blender has tools on the Preview Toolbar that make video editing simple. With them you can easily move, rotate, or scale objects on the canvas. This lets beginners create high-quality advertisements, public service announcements, or demonstrations.

To start you need to open the Blender program. Next, from the File menu, select New. Then, click Video Editing.

The Preview area is the checkered pane in the window. It shows the current frame with tools to adjust the view and edit items. Objects such as movie clips, color rectangles, text, and images can all be arranged on the canvas. Please note the checkers will not show when the video exports to a movie file.

By default the Preview area has a set of tools along the top and right side of the canvas. However, there is a hidden toolbar that has everything you need to become a video editing expert. To see it, from the Preview area, click View. Check Toolbar.

show Preview toolbar
Check Toolbar from the View menu.

Blender Video Editing: Preview Toolbar

tweakTweak: Select an item on the canvas. Hold the left mouse button for more options.
cursorCursor: Display the x and y coordinates of the cursor on the canvas. This information can be helpful for precisely placing objects.
moveMove: Position an item horizontally or vertically using the arrows or drag the circle to move freely.
rotateRotate: Drag along the circle guideline to turn an item on the canvas.
scaleScale: Size the width or height of an item using color handles or drag the circle to keep proportions.
transformTransform: Move, scale, or rotate an item on the canvas. This is an excellent tool for resizing videos to place more than one on the canvas at the same time.
sampleSample: Select a spot on the canvas to display RBGA, RGB, and HSV color codes. This information can be used to set the color of text or a shape to match one in a video or image.
annotateAnnotate: Draw with a pen on the canvas. Hold the left mouse button for more options.
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