how to add word art in microsoft word

How to Have Fun with Microsoft WordArt

Discover how to have fun with WordArt. WordArt is a graphic object that transforms text into art by applying design elements such as fills, outlines, shadows, and more! It is a terrific way to make a document eye-catching. The decorative special effects draw attention to the text. Microsoft WordArt tools offer a myriad of combinations of colors and styles that are sure to catch the attention of readers. You can use WordArt generators online, however they cannot produce the unique one-of-a-kind creations that can be made using the WordArt tools on the Microsoft Word Shape Format tab.

word art
Microsoft WordArt Tools

About the WordArt Tools

word art gallery

WordArt Styles Gallery: Select from a collection of preset designs.

text fill

Text Fill: Fill letters with solid color or gradient. Create a custom gradient by setting the type, angle, and stop points to produce a unique design.

text outline

Text Outline: Apply an effect such as shadow, reflection, glow, bevel, 3D rotation, and transform. Each effect has additional options to customize the appearance.

Try This! Have Fun with WordArt

Follow the steps below to fill the frame of a WordArt with an image. This activity is from the TechnoKids technology project, TechnoEditor. It has many fun word processing lessons. For example, you can have your students edit a poem with text effects, complete a comic with shapes, or illustrate a story using stylized grouped images.

  1. Create a WordArt object
    • Open a new document in Microsoft Word.
    • Click the Insert tab. In the Text group, click WordArt.
    • Choose a style from the gallery and add the text sunflowers.
sunflower wordart
Type inside the WordArt text box.
  1. On the Shape Format tab, find the Shape Styles group.
  2. Click Shape Fill. Click Picture.
select picture
Select Picture.
  1. Pick Stock Images or Online Pictures.
select picture
Pick Stock Images or Online Pictures.
  1. Search for a sunflower picture. When you find one you like, click Insert.
creative wordart with sunflowers
The Picture is now behind the letters in the WordArt box.

Create Your Own

Now try your own. Transform text into WordArt and add a picture behind the letters. The possibilities are unlimited!

fun with wordart

Tip: If the picture doesn’t fit well, resize the WordArt frame.

fun wordart sample

More Word Processing Lessons for Students

technoeditor icon

This activity is an optional challenge from TechnoEditor, a fun and engaging word processing project for junior and middle school students. Using a template, young learners build foundational skills that they will apply to many future school assignments. View this short video to see what your students can achieve using TechnoEditor.

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