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Survey Questionnaire Ideas for Students Using Google Forms

A survey questionnaire is a list of questions given to a group of people to gather information about their behavior, options, or beliefs. Data is then analyzed with the results being used to show what a larger group of similar people might do, think, or believe.

People use survey questionnaires to gain an understanding about a situation. They use this information to make decisions. For example, survey data can help assess opinions, identify problems, highlight areas in need of change, or determine products to buy.

Students can use Google Forms to design a survey questionnaire. Use these ideas to generate a meaningful research question that students will be interested in studying.

Google Forms can be used to design a survey questionnaire. Help your students generate a meaningful research question.

Fill in the Blanks to Write a Research Question

  • What do ____ think about ____ ?
  • Is ____ a problem in our ____ ?
  • Are ____ satisfied with ____ ?
  • Is ____ a good idea?
  • Does the ____ program work?
  • Should ____ be banned?
  • Should ____ be changed?
  • What type of ____ should be ____ ?
  • How could ____ be improved?

Fill in the Blanks to Make a List of Research Ideas

  • A survey can be used to describe a current situation.
    What information will help you to better understand a situation in your life?
    I would like to describe ____ .
  • A survey can be used to understand the opinion of others.
    What beliefs or attitudes towards an issue are important to you?
    I would like to learn what ____ think about ____ .
  • A survey can be used to identify needs.
    What do people need in their life to make it better?
    I would like to find out what ____ need to improve ____ .
  • A survey can be used to assess satisfaction.
    How do people feel about a product, service, or event?
    I would like to know if ____ are satisfied with ____ .
  • A survey can be used to highlight areas that need to change.
    What needs to start or stop happening to improve a situation?
    I would like to study ____ .
  • A survey can be used to organize an event.
    What details do you need to help plan an event?
    I need to plan ____ event.

Pick from the List of Research Suggestions

  1. What materials should the library purchase?
  2. What do students think about the extracurricular clubs offered at school?
  3. Is bullying a problem at our school?
  4. Are students satisfied with the food served in the cafeteria?
  5. Is spending money on new gym equipment a good idea?
  6. Should listening to music on personal devices be banned during class?
  7. How could the school grounds be improved?
  8. What changes need to be made to boost participation in school spirit days?
  9. Does the recycling program work?
  10. What new fundraising ideas should the school implement?
  11. How could the school entranceway be made more inviting to students and visitors?
  12. Do students have enough access to technology to complete work during the school day?
  13. What suggestions do you have to make the end-of-year school trip memorable?
  14. Are students satisfied with support provided by the guidance office?
  15. How much time do students spend completing homework?
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