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Bake Sale Fun – Real-World Spreadsheet Lessons for Kids

Engage learners with fun spreadsheet lessons for Google Sheets or Excel. In TechnoSales, elementary students plan a bake sale fundraiser. This real-world scenario allows children ages 8-12 to investigate practical solutions to a realistic problem. Throughout the activities, they become actively involved in developing a viable plan to raise funds. It might be for a school trip, event, or equipment.

Without a doubt, planning a bake sale is an excellent way to engage learners. Kids will have a great time deciding if they should sell cookies, cupcakes, or squares. By investigating dessert preferences, your elementary students will master data analysis techniques. Yes, it is true! These spreadsheet lessons are meaningful, but also fun!

Mathematics for the Real-World

Are you interested in critical thinking or applying math to the real world?

Great! Because, the spreadsheet lessons in TechnoSales can be summarized in just one word – problem-solving. This is the primary focus. Each session introduces an authentic problem to solve. Instructions will guide students as they investigate answers to the following questions:

  • What dessert do students prefer?
  • Are there differences between desserts boys and girls prefer?
  • What flavor of dessert do students like?
  • What is a reasonable financial goal for the bake sale?
  • Which price is fair to charge for each item?
  • How many dessert items are needed for the sale to have enough for each customer and reach the financial goal?
  • How many items does each student in the class need to bring to have enough items for the sale?
real world spreadsheet lessons
Investigate dessert preferences to plan a fundraiser.

Spreadsheet Skills for Beginners

Are you a digital literacy, STEM, or computer teacher?

If yes, you might be wondering, what technology skills you students will learn. The spreadsheet lessons in TechnoSales gradually introduce essential skills. They will learn how to manage sheets, format cells, graph cell ranges, and calculate data.

While having fun planning a fundraiser, students will gain mastery. The unit begins with a basic introduction to terminology. Next, students learn how to organize information into tables. After that, students explore how to visually represent data. For example, they insert column, pie, and line charts. Once familiar with these skills, they construct formulas.

All of this information is used to form decisions about the fundraiser. And just in case, you want to extend learning even more there are extra challenges. Extension activities develop advanced graphing skills and a deeper understanding of formulas.

Specifically, from these spreadsheet lessons your students will learn how to:

  • select rows, columns, and cell ranges
  • view, insert, rename, and color sheet tabs
  • format cells to make the data easy to understand
  • adjust how values display (currency, decimal points)
  • display data as a column, pie, and line chart
  • customize the chart style, series, legend, and labels
  • calculate using formulas that sum, average, divide, and multiply
  • import a chart into another program
  • adjust print settings to control page layout
  • sort data to rearrange information in a table or chart
spreadsheet project for students
Present data visually using pie, line, and column charts.

Spreadsheet Lessons for Google Sheets or Excel

Do you want to know more about the curriculum unit TechnoSales?

If yes…keep reading!

TechnoSales has instructions to match your software. You can teach using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Pick the version that is right for you!

To start teaching, download the project from TechnoHub, an online library. Once you have the materials, open the teacher guide. It includes detailed instructions, answer sheets, and teaching strategies.

When you are ready, print the student workbook. Or alternatively, upload the student worksheets to a secure Learning Management System. For example, Google Classroom is very popular.

To support your lessons, the instructional materials include customizable resources. You have examples to show students completed work. Assessment tools such as quizzes or skill reviews to evaluate learning. As well, there is also a template to support report writing. In other words, everything you need to teach!

To be specific, TechnoSales includes:

  • 20 spreadsheet lessons
  • 6 reviews about spreadsheet terminology and tools
  • 5 skill reviews that apply data analysis techniques
  • 6 extension activities that introduce advanced spreadsheet skills
spreadsheet project for Google or Excel
Calculate data. Connect math to the real-world.

Integrate Mathematical Reasoning with Google Sheets or Excel

Let the fun begin!

Make math meaningful to kids with TechnoSales. Conduct surveys to learn about dessert and flavor preferences. Use data to predict the earnings of a bake sale. Then apply formulas to set a realistic financial goal, fair price, number of items, and number of items each person needs. Afterwards, write a report that communicates a strategy for making the fundraiser successful.

report about bake sale
Interpret data to develop a solution. Report your findings.
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