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TechnoKids Releases Project for Google Apps for Education

TechnoKids Inc. is excited to announce the release of TechnoQuestionnaire, a project designed specifically for G Suite for Education. TechnoQuestionnaire is the first of an all new line of TechnoKids technology projects written expressly for the free online tools developed by Google for the classroom.

Build a Survey Questionnaire using Google Forms

TechnoQuestionnaire is a technology project that teaches students how to conduct a survey using Google Forms.

In TechnoQuestionnaire, students become researchers. They conduct a survey to research an important issue. To begin, students gain an understanding about the purpose of surveys by completing a questionnaire. Next, they design their own survey to learn how to use Google Forms. Once familiar with this method of data collection, they develop their own research question, select a sample group, and build a questionnaire. A pre-test is conducted to improve the design. The questionnaire is then administered to the sample group. Once the data is collected it is interpreted and research findings shared with others.

Integrate TechnoQuestionnaire into Math and Science

Have students design a survey that describes a situation, measures the opinion of others, identifies an area in need of change, assesses satisfaction, or helps to organize an event:

  • report on access to technology
  • research popular trends
  • improve safety on the bus or at recess
  • rate satisfaction with school library
  • reduce bullying at school
  • plan an upcoming school event
  • gain support to start a new club
  • develop a fundraising campaign
  • increase participation in school programs
  • set a homework policy
  • select music for a school dance

Design a Survey

There are eight steps to conducting a survey questionnaire. Students complete each step in the research process:

  1. Set the Purpose – Determine the reason or goal of the survey.
  2. Pick Sample – Select the group of people that will take the survey.
  3. Choose Survey Method – Decide on the technique used to collect data.
  4. Create Questionnaire – Design questions to measure behavior or opinions.
  5. Pre-test – Take the survey to find errors and make improvements to the survey.
  6. Conduct Survey – Gather data by emailing a form or sharing a link to the survey.
  7. Analyze Results – Study the data in a spreadsheet and as graphs.
  8. Report Findings – Explain research findings in an oral presentation.
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Design a questionnaire with Google Forms

TechnoKids and G Suite for Education

TechnoKids understands that schools and teachers are looking for free and mobile productivity tools. Budgets are limited yet students need to learn twenty first century skills. G Suite for Education provides a great solution:

  • use a free suite of applications
  • connect with a variety of devices – computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • access from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • collaborate and share with other students, classes, and parents

Having these tools is a significant advance for teachers. Now TechnoKids provides complete lesson plans to make use of these tools.

TechnoQuestionnaire lessons for Google Forms
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